Frozen Quiz - Pt. 6

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This is the most difficult Frozen trivia quiz ever. A mix of movie questions, and behind the scenes info. Only a real true fan will be able to get 100%.

  • 1
    How did Lino DiSalvo animate Olaf?
  • 2
    What did animators ask Idina Menzel to do?
  • 3

  • 4
    What did the animators have their children do to help with the animation process?
  • 5
    Whose children acted out the scene where Anna wakes up Elsa?
  • 6
    Who is Rebecca Wilson-Bresee

  • 7
    Whose son inspired a lot of Olaf's movements?
  • 8
    Who is Hyrum Osmond?
  • 9
    What is his sons name?
  • 10
    Who else watched his children to help get a sense of Olaf?

  • 11
    Why does Olaf bounce and jump a lot?
  • 12
    Who else partially inspired Olaf's character?
  • 13
    Where did the line "He's crazy" come from?
  • 14
    Where did Olaf's facial expression for that line come from?
  • 15
    Were Anna and Elsa always sisters?
  • 16
    In one of the early versions, what was Anna?

  • 17
    What did she do?
  • 18
    Why did she travel there?
  • 19
    What personal experience did John Lasseter have that helped him connect to Elsa?
  • 20
    What was one of the introductions Kristoff originally had?

  • 21
    Were Elsa's powers ever explained?
  • 22
    How was it explained?
  • 23
    What was the explanation for her powers?
  • 24
    How was Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez brought on board?
  • 25
    Why did the crew fly to New York?
  • 26
    What did Jennifer Lee do to clarify who Anna and Elsa were?

  • 27
    What did Idina Menzel's son say to a group of girls in his class?
  • 28
    What was one of the children's reply?
  • 29
    What dream did Kristen Bell accomplish with this movie?
  • 30
    What began this dream?

  • 31
    What helped get her the role of Anna?
  • 32
    How old was she when she recorded these tracks?
  • 33
    What did Josh Gad's daughter say when his daughter saw the teaser trailer for Frozen?
  • 34
    Did Olaf have any lines in the teaser trailer?
  • 35
    What was Josh Gad's reaction?
  • 36
    How old was his daughter then?
  • 37
    As of April 11, 2014, how much money did Frozen make at the worldwide box office?
  • 38
    What did this make it?
  • 39
    What else did this make it?
  • 40
    What is the book the king pulls off the shelf written in?
  • 41
    What other film were Nordic Runes written in?
  • 42
    Upon winning the Golden Globe award for Best Animated Feature Film, what did Frozen become?
  • 43
    What painting does Anna stop at in the portrait gallery?
  • 44
    Who painted this?
  • 45
    What other Disney animated film did this painting serve as inspiration for?
  • 46
    What prompted jokes about Elsa's powers in the U.S.A and Canada?
  • 47
    What year was this?
  • 48
    What were some of these jokes about?
  • 49
    What mark since The Lion King is Frozen the first non-sequel animated film to pass?
  • 50
    What are gloves used to do in the movie?
  • 51
    Who did Chris Buck dedicate the movie to in his Oscars acceptance speech?
  • 52
    What did he address his son as?
  • 53
    What is guardian angel a reference to?
  • 54
    When did he die?
  • 55
    How did he die?
  • 56
    What song did Idina Menzel and Kristen Bell sing together at their table read?
  • 57
    What did that moment lead to?
  • 58
    What did that moment lead to?
  • 59
    At what point did the film begin to work?
  • 60
    What did the songwriters believe until that moment?
  • 61
    What are the names Hans, Kristoff, Anna, and Sven a reference to?
  • 62
    Who makes up the Frozen Franchise Team?
  • 63
    What is the Frozen Franchise Team responsible for?
  • 64
    Why do they do this?
  • 65
    How many Home Media Sales did Frozen have in 2014 alone?
  • 66
    What did this make it?
  • 67
    In January 2015, what did the film's DVD sales become?
  • 68
    When year was the original release for Frozen?
  • 69
    When was it changed to November 27, 2013?
  • 70
    How long of a production schedule did this give the team?
  • 71
    How many years do most Disney films take?
  • 72
    How was the shortened time made manageable?
  • 73
    What did Jennifer Lee focus on?
  • 74
    What did Chris Buck focus on?
  • 75
    What is the release date for Frozen 2?
  • 76
    When did Bobby and Kristen Lopez meet?
  • 77
    What do the songwriters do for their kids when they leave on business?
  • 78
    What lullaby did they write for their oldest daughter, upon her birth?
  • 79
    Did Bobby and Kristen stay together from the moment they stated dating?
  • 80
    How did Robert get Kristen back?
  • 81
    What was the line?
  • 82
    How do the songwriters split up the work?
  • 83
    What does Bobby always say about writing?
  • 84
    How many people aside from Bobby Lopez have won an EGOT?
  • 85
    What is Robert Lopez the first to accomplish by winning his EGOT?
  • 86
    What is one place Kristen and Bobby often write song lyrics?
  • 87
    What is Kristen Anderson-Lopez's motto?
  • 88
  • 89
    Where is Robert Lopez from?
  • 90
    How many songs do the songwriters say the movie has?
  • 91
  • 92
    Who did the songwriters listen to while writing Let it Go as an example of a Bad Ass song?
  • 93
    Who came up with Let it Go?
  • 94
    What was Robert Lopez's response?
  • 95
    When they were writing the song, Bobby came on board with the line Let it Go. What did he compare it to?
  • 96
    What is one classic movie that the songwriters drew inspiration from?
  • 97
    What is one method the songwriters use to write songs?
  • 98
    Where did the songwriters learn about fractals?
  • 99
    Who wrote the line, "Be the good girl you always have to be"?
  • 100
    What melody occurs whenever someone is in physical danger?

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