Potty about Potter, Loopy about Lupin, mad about mad-eye-moody? Then this is the quiz for you!
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Potty about Potter, Loopy about Lupin, mad about mad-eye-moody? Then this is the quiz for you!

Calling all HP fans, this is one mindblower of a Harry Potter quiz with some long, hard words. You better be prepared. Good luck, your time starts now. Lol

Question 1:Who wrote the series of Harry Potter books (surely you know this!)?
J. K. Rowers
J. K. Rowling
J. K. Rogers
J. K. Romans
J. K. Roowling

Question 2:What is Hagrid's dog called?

Question 3:In book two when Ron,Harry and Hermione get trapped by a plant, what does Hermione say after "Don't struggle"?
Or it will eat us
It'll suck all our blood
or it'll crush us to death
If you relax, it goes away
It'll only kill us faster

Question 4:What were Ron's dress robes like?
Black with the Hogwarts sign on
Marron and frilly and girlie-ish
Cyan blue and with holes in
Yellow, with baby rabbits on
Lime green and very,very dirty

Question 5:When Ron lost scabbers, where did he find him?
On the quidditch pitch
The girls toilets, in the sink
On the food trolley of the Hogwarts Express
In a milk jug, in Hagrid's hut
On top of the tall cupboard Peeves knocks over

Question 6:What is Dumbledore's pet?
Fax the phoenix
Buckbeak the hippogriff
Fakes the dog
Fawkes the phoenix
Charlie the bundimun

Question 7:What was the second password (when it had been changed) to Dumbledore's office?
Sherbert Lemons
Fizzing whizbees
Chocolate frogs
Cockroach clusters
Bertie Botts every flavour beans

Question 8:What animal can Professor McGonagall turn into?
A dog
A cat
A pigeon
A unicorn
A mouse

Question 9:On the night where Dumbledore leaves Harry with the muggles, what did Hagrid bring Harry on?
A flying motorbike
A flying Penny farthing
A Rolls Royce
An aeroplane
A train

Question 10:Where did Harry first meet Draco Malfoy?
on the Hogwarts train
in The Leaky Cauldron
in a robe shop
at Smeltings (Dudley's school)
in the wand shop

Question 11:What's the name of the Wizard street in London?
Person Alley
Magic Avenue
Diagon Alley
Mystery Street
Wizard Street

Question 12:What is the name of the wand shop?

Question 13:Who measured Harry's size for the robe?
Madame Malkins
Madame Maxine
Master Inch
Mister Measure
Madam dress

Question 14:Which one of these is one of the types of dragons in the Triwizard Tournament?
Ukranian Ironbelly
Hebridean Black
Peruvian Vipertooth
Antipodean Opaleye
Hungarian Horntail

Question 15:What is the name of the famous Bulgarian Quidditch player and his teacher?
Grogan Stump and Professor Boniface
Burdock Clagg and Professor Muldoon
Augustus Elfrid and Professor Worme
Narcisuss Towne and Professor Riddle
Victor Krum, and Professor Karkaroff

Question 16:What present did Harry receive from Ron, in the third book, which could detect suspicious happenings?
A demiguise
A sneakoscope
A niffler
A murtlap
A talking book which could spy on people

Question 17:In book one, what are the names of Harry’s muggle relatives?
Vernon, Petunia and Dudley Dursley
James, Lily and Donald Dursley
Jamie, Lila and Donald Dingbat,
Darius, Maddona and Tom Pitt
Vernon, Poppy and Donald Durry

Question 18:In book one, when Harry and the muggles go to a house on an island because of the Hogwarts letters, what causes Hagrid to say, “Sorry about that!”
He kicks the door down
He breaks a lamp
He shoots the T.V.
He stamps on the Playstation
He lets a bowtruckle loose in the house

Question 19:In the third book, what is the surname of the executioner?

Question 20:In his third year, who does Harry think conjured up a patronus?
Professor Lupin
Sirius Black
His father
Neville Longbottom

Question 21:What does a patronus do?
Eat boggarts
Frighten away dementors
Kill manticores with the spell Morsmorde
Follow Erklings
Scare jobberknolls

Question 22:What is a Kappa?
Korean elf
A Swedish big cat
A Japanese water demon
There’s no such thing as a Kappa.
An African tree dweller

Question 23:Who wrote fantastic beasts and where to find them?
Kennilworthy Whisp
Bathilda Bagshot
Newt Scamander
Miriam McGroady
Peter Pettigrew

Question 24:Which quidditch team does Ron Weasley support?
The Wimpbourne Wasps
The Chudley Cannons
The Swedish Stickybacks
The French Frogjumpers
The Danish Darkmarkers

Question 25:What is an Acromantula?
A monstrous eight eyed spider
A two-faced green giant
A vampire
A vampire-toothed dwarf
A giant golden oxen

Question 26:What is the name of Hagrid’s Norwegian Ridgeback dragon?
He hasn’t got a name because he was taken away too soon for Hagrid to name him
Baby Norbert

Question 27:What flying, spinning insect is believed to be a component in the ‘Fizzing Whizbees’ sweets?
A chipfurzle
A billywig
A whizzing-clabbert
A diricrawl
A fwooper

Question 28:What did Ron buy instead of buying a new ‘Fantastic Beasts And Where to Find Them’ book?
Bertie Botts every flavour beans
A new wand
Dress robes

Question 29:Which teacher allowed Harry, Ron and Hermione to get a book from the restricted section of the library?

Question 30:How much (in wizarding money) does the book ‘Quidditch through the ages’ cost in wizarding money?
2 galleons,
7 sickles
9 galleons, 4 sickles, 15 knuts
18 knuts, 9 galleons
14 sickles, 3 knuts

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