Are you a Harry Potter Freak?
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Are you a Harry Potter Freak?

Have you ever considered whether you were totally obsessed with Harry Potter? Have you lain in bed late and night wondering if people think you are crazy and obsessive? Then this is the quiz for you!

Question 1:   How many of the Harry Potter books have you read?
All of them, 1 through 5
All five AND Quidditch through the Ages and Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

Question 2:   Have you ever entered a Harry Potter trivia contest?
No, ew, are you kidding?
I've thought about it, but no.
Yes, but I lost.
Yes, and I won.

Question 3:   Think of the Harry Potter book you have read the most times. How many times have you read it?
I haven't read any Harry Potter books
2 to 5 times
6 to 10 times
More than 10 times

Question 4:   How often do you talk or think about Harry Potter?
A few times a year?
I think about it pretty often but don't talk about it.
I think about it pretty often and talk about it too.
I think and talk about it 24/7. I eat, sleep and breathe Harry Potter.

Question 5:   Have you watched the Harry Potter movies?
No, neither
One of them
Both of them
Both of them multiple times, and I own at least one
I own both and watch them at least once a month. I am also following the filming of POA.

Question 6:   Have you visited a Harry Potter fan site?
Yes, once or twice
Yes, at least once a week
Yes, I even started my own but never finished
Yes, I have more than one of my own and maintain them regularly

Question 7:   Have you ever been to a party celebrating the release of a Harry Potter book?
No, there are parties celebrating the release of Harry Potter books?
I've heard of them but never been to one
I've never heard of them but I would love to go to one
I've been to one
I've been to more than one

Question 8:   Have you ever dressed up like a character from Harry Potter?
No, that's scary.
Yes, but only once and I refused to go in public.
Yes, at least once but I'll never do it again
Yes, at least once and happily.
I dress like Harry Potter characters every day, doesn't everyone else?

Question 9:   How old are you?
10 or under
18 or over

Question 10:   Why are you taking this quiz?
I'm really really bored.
Someone found it and made me take it.
I'm scared I'm a Harry Potter freak and I want to know for sure.

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