Harry Potter Know-It-All Quiz

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  • 1
    What does Uncle Vernon do for a living?
  • 2
    What is the platform number of the train Harry has to take to get to Hogwarts?
  • 3
    What happens to the Frog in Harry's Chocolate Frog Card?

  • 4
    What professor does Voldemort inhabit?
  • 5
    What's the name of the Three-Headed dog guarding The Sorcerers Stone?
  • 6
    Who rescues Harry from the Dursleys?

  • 7
    Where does Harry end up after using the Floo Network for the first time?
  • 8
    Why do Ron and Harry miss the sorting ceremony the second year?
  • 9
    Why was Hagrid finding dead and injured unicorns in the Forbidden Forest?
  • 10
    Where is the Chamber of Secrets found?

  • 11
    Who does Harry blow up in The beginning of The Prisoner of Azkaban?
  • 12
    What does Harry see just before the Knight Bus arrives?
  • 13
    What does Professor Lupin give Harry to help with the effects of the Dementors attack?
  • 14
    Where do Harry, Ron and Hermione first learn the truth about Sirius Black?
  • 15
    What does Sirius send to Harry with the Firebolt to let him know who sent it?
  • 16
    Who comes to collect Harry from the Dursleys in his fourth year at Hogwarts?

  • 17
    Where do Harry, Hermione and the Weasleys go before the start of the fourth year of Hogwarts?
  • 18
    Why doesn’t Ron recognize Hermione at the Yule Ball?
  • 19
    Who takes over the position of the Defense of the Dark Arts teacher in their fourth year?
  • 20
    Who killls Cedric Diggory?

  • 21
    Whos family home is used for the headquarters for the Order of the Phoenix?
  • 22
    What animal is Mr.Weasley almost killed by?
  • 23
    What city is number 12 Grimuald Place in?
  • 24
    What do Fred and George use as a Christmas tree topper?
  • 25
    Who tries to take over Hogwarts in the fifth year?
  • 26
    Who does Harry get into a fight with on the Hogwarts Express in the sixth year?

  • 27
    Who collects Harry from the Dursleys in the sixth year?
  • 28
    What does Luna tell Harry his head is full of?
  • 29
    Who is the Half Blood Prince?
  • 30
    Who Kills Dumbledore in the end of the sixth year?

  • 31
    Who is the first to die in the seventh year?
  • 32
    Where does Dobby take everyone that was held prisoner at Malfoy Mansion?
  • 33
    What is the name of Voldemort's snake?
  • 34
    Who eventually Kills Nagini?
  • 35
    What was Albus Dumbledore's brother's name?

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