Hogwarts truth or false

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Hard questions to answer, see how well YOU know the Wizarding World!

  • 1
    Is Nearly Headless Nicks full name

    Sir Nicholas de Mimsy-Porpington
  • 2
    Was Nicholas Flamel

    665 at the time of his death?
  • 3
    Monkshood and Wolfsbane are also known as Burlinade

  • 4
    Does Hogwarts have 142 staircases?
  • 5
    There are 7 ingredients in Polyjuice Potion they are:
    lacewing flies, leeches, powdered Bicorn horn, knotgrass, fluxeed, shredded boomslang skin, and a bit of the person you want to turn into.
  • 6
    Dumbledore has a scar above his left knee that is the perfect map of the New York Subway lines.

  • 7
    Vernon Dursley works at Trunnings, a screw manufacturer.
  • 8
    Cedric Diggory let Harry use the Prefects bathroom in 'The Goblet of Fire' the man statue next to the door is of Boris the Bewildered.
  • 9
    The max speed of a Fireboalt is 250mph
  • 10
    A hot chocolate on the Knight Bus costs 15 sickles.

  • 11
    In the Hall of Prophecy there are row upon row of glowing orbs. The orb that contains Harry's and Voldemort's prophecy is 79.
  • 12
    On the wall across from the Room of Requirement there is a statue of a troll teaching goblins ballet.
  • 13
    The five digit code to get into the Ministry of Magic via the abandoned red telephone booth is 6-2-4-4-2.
  • 14
    Voldemort stole Helga Hufflepuff's cup from an old lady named Hepzibah Smith. The name of her house elf was Hokey.
  • 15
    Ginny Weasley's Pygmy Puff from Weasley's Wizard Wheezes was named Arnold.
  • 16
    Fred Weasley's chosen code name on Potterwatch, the secret radio program set up by the Order of the Pheonix was Rapier.

  • 17
    The name of the Apparition instructor who comes to Hogwarts in Harry's sixth grade was named Wilkie Twycross
  • 18
    In the Quidditch world cup Irelands team's three chasers were, Mullet, Troy and Moran. Mullet scored the first goal.
  • 19
    For Harry's Birthday, Hermione turned the leaves on the Weasley's crabapple tree gold.
  • 20
    Quidditch players are constantly at risk of injury during the game. The most possible Quidditch fouls are 700.

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1040 days ago
I got 16 correct 😔😔
1050 days ago
hi guys, I got 20/20!!!!
1074 days ago
so happy, this is my first try!
1095 days ago
I got 14/20 almost there.
1102 days ago
^_^!!!!!!!!!!! I am awesome.
1102 days ago
Don’t laugh at my name. I got 20/20, or 100% right. I got them 4 Christmas in 2017 and read them 39 times and am halfway through The Deathly Hallows, page 296, starting the chapter “The Silver Doe”. By the way, if u r reading this Kalum B., I say hi. Abigail, sorry but I won. Before I even had the series I read it 23 times. I read it 60 times, not 2 brag or anything.
1106 days ago
I got 6 those were hard ☺️
1127 days ago
Wow NO NAME you have read the series three times and WHAT Abigail you have read it five?!?!?! I have read it once LOL!
1127 days ago
What! I only got four right! I really am not a Harry Potter expert. Oh well.
1127 days ago
YOU HAVE READ IT THREE TIMES????? Wow NO NAME that is impressive! But guess what! I am currently reading it for the fifth time! YAY!!! You haven't beat me! haha!
1127 days ago
Great job Abigail. I got 14 right ugh I have read the Harry Potter series three times I thought I would know it better. :-(
1127 days ago
Yay! I got all 20 right!!!!!