The Very Long Harry Potter Quiz With A Very Long Name

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Are you a muggle or a wizard (at least on the inside)? Find out today with the help of this quiz. It may be too long for you but if you're a Harry Potter die-hard fan or just bored it will be worth it. What are you waiting for now? Try it!

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  • 1
    Which of the following is NOT something Harry Potter is called?
  • 2
    Who is the only known creator of the Philosopher's Stone?
  • 3
    What is Voldemort's real name?

  • 4
    Who is the author of the Harry Potter series?
  • 5
    Which of the following is NOT a name of a Harry Potter Book?
  • 6
    Who was framed for opening the Chamber of Secrets for the first time?

  • 7
    Which of the following is NOT a ghost?
  • 8
    Complete the famous quote by Hermione-
    "Besides, you are saying it wrong, it is _______ not Leviosar."
  • 9
    Whom did Snape called an 'Insufferable Know-it-all"
  • 10
    What is the full name of Umbridge?

  • 11
    In whose turban does Voldemort hide?
  • 12
    Who is Harry's father?
  • 13
    Who is Wormtail?
  • 14
    Who is Fenrir Greyback?
  • 15
    Who killed Severus Snape?
  • 16
    Which of the following people didn't taught at Hogwarts even though he got the job.

  • 17
    Who is Moony?
  • 18
    Who is Padfoot?
  • 19
    Who is Binns?
  • 20
    What is the name of Hagrid's spider?

  • 21
    Which of the following is NOT an Animagus?
  • 22
    What shape does Lily's Patronus take?
  • 23
    Who is Andromeda?
  • 24
    Complete the famous quote-
    "You have your ______'s eyes."
  • 25
    What are the Deathly Hallows?
  • 26
    Who made the prophecy about Harry Potter?

  • 27
    Complete the sentence-
    "Neither can ________ while the other survives"
  • 28
    Which of the following creatures is the closest to the Basilisk?
  • 29
    Who is Buckbeak?
  • 30
    Which of the following is a Metamophmagus?

  • 31
    What is Gilderoy Lockhart's favourite colour?
  • 32
    What is Gilderoy Lockhart's secret?
  • 33
    Who tries to slip a Love potion to Harry in the Half-blood prince?
  • 34
    How many brothers does Ron have?
  • 35
    Which of the following characters DID NOT die in the Wizarding war at Hogwarts in which Voldemort was killed by Harry Potter.
  • 36
    Which of the following is NOT a house elf showed in the Harry Potter series?
  • 37
    What does Voldemort need?
  • 38
    Who 'kills' Dumbledore?
  • 39
    In which house was Cedric Diggory sorted?
  • 40
    Who is Fawkes?
  • 41
    The hard questions begin now! Hope you're ready!

    Who was Hepzibah Smith?
  • 42
    True or false- Radagast was a pureblood
  • 43
    Whom did Draco Malfoy marry?
  • 44
    What is the name of the Bulgarian Minister of Magic?

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