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Seems like every generation has its own take on Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet. Facing so many real-life challenges (or hardships, if we're being real), millennials opted to give their version, High School Musical, a happy ending.
Critics yawned, and the movie has a sad 5.3 rating on IMDb. That's OK - it wasn't meant to vye for an Oscar. A light, fun escape is always welcome, right? HSM was crazy-popular, with 7.7 million U.S. viewers its first airing (Disney's most-viewed movie at the time). More than 225 million have watched worldwide. And the music more than made up for any lack of critical acclaim...HSM's best-selling soundtrack won Billboard's Soundtrack Album of the Year.
We realize we're kind of preaching to the choir here. You love High School Musical for your own reasons - hey, if you're anything like us, you probably still sing all the songs in the shower! Welcome to the quiz section for the movie! We have almost 160 for you to get'cha head in the game and try some now!

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411 days ago
I luv HSTM!!!ā™„ļø Chad is cute!!!šŸ˜šŸ˜˜
1222 days ago
I love Troy a lot you are the best I always love you and your the best I really really love you so much I really do
1245 days ago
I love high School Musical Iā€™m gonna be on Disney Channel Original Movies someday and this is a good website
1535 days ago
this is a very good quiz website
1621 days ago
Hsm is amazing i really love watching all of the actors they are the best and I'm so happy to watch high school musical
1820 days ago
My goodness the quiz was that good zac
1942 days ago
Ha ha ha! I will hope one day you get on high school musical 4!šŸ˜œ
2709 days ago
Dear Tory Boltan I won't to be in a show with you one day please