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How Well Do You Know IT? (2017)

This is a quiz I created about the movie IT. Do not waste your energy taking it if you have not seen the 2017 REMAKE version. This quiz is NOT about the original IT movie from 1990 - although you might want to see it if you haven't. OK, you've been warned! Good luck!

  • 1/10
    Georgie believes IT is a fun-loving, happy, normal clown.

Comments (28)


93 days ago
it says i got 9/10.. but i basiclly got 10/10 cuase Pennywise is NOT a girl. Anywaysss rip Eddie and Stanley :(( they both deserved better
102 days ago
Please explain how IT is a girl?
112 days ago
10/10 yay It's my favorite movie I love it so much IT is so good. Also Eddie Spaghetti nice that's the original IT I've read the book , watched the original , watched IT chapter 1 and IT chapter 2 love them so much
115 days ago
how ya doin eddie spagetti? :D
138 days ago
10/10! Probably because I'm OBSESSED with the movie and I watch it all the time.
213 days ago
I love the movie, it's the best
213 days ago
Got ten out of ten, yay, did not know though that pennywise was actually a girl🤯🤯 and the kids didnt even met pennywise untill the movie.
293 days ago
i got 10/10 AYEEEEE also RIP eddie :(
324 days ago
Um... 9/10, pennywise was a female in the book but actually, it's not a female or a male or anything, it's light, it's the deadlights, it takes different forms to match fears cuz let's be honest light isn't all that spooky, so it takes a form of a clown aka pennywise, but in actuality all it is is deadlights, not a guy or a girl.
334 days ago
10/10 let's go! It chapter 2 R.I.P EDDIE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
406 days ago
ayeeeee 10/10 duhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
462 days ago
9/10 only because I’ve read the book and know that pennywise is a girl so yeah
555 days ago
10 out of 10 let’s Gooooooooo!
558 days ago
pennywise is actually a girl y'all read the book
651 days ago
For everyone saying Pennywise in male or gender less, you are wrong because in the book, the Losers find Pennywise laying its eggs in the sewers, therefore discoreving that Pennywise is in fact a girl!
684 days ago
It is neither boy or girl just saying! It's not a bad test though.
763 days ago
9 of 10 that is awesome I’m proud 😊 yes
840 days ago
7/10 not bad! Cool quiz😆
859 days ago
I never watched the movie and I got 7/10 not bad 😂
875 days ago
i got 9 out of ten not bad for someone who has not seen the reamke of it am i right?