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007 James Bond Quiz

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Think your a 007 fanatic? Take this quiz and find out.

  • 1
    We will start with an easy one, shall we? Which Bond has only done two movies?
  • 2
    Finish the character name?.......................Sheriff J.W.........?
  • 3
    Who is Kamal Khan’s Henchman in Octopussy?

  • 4
    Who sang the title song for Skyfall?
  • 5
    Which of these characters is NOT a villain?
  • 6
    Which villain in the 007 franchise has a cat?

  • 7
    What is Blofelds full name?
  • 8
    In On Her Majesty’s Secret Service Bond falls in love with Tracy, but what is her full name?
  • 9
    Maud Adams has been in more than one 007 movies but how many?
  • 10
    How does Boris Grishenko die in Goldeneye?

  • 11
    Which TV show is a rip-off of the 007 franchise?
  • 12
    Name the villain in Live and Let Die that trapped Bond in an alligator pond and has a metal hand?
  • 13
    In Goldeneye Q enters the MI6 building with a cast on his leg, but what really was the cast?
  • 14
    How does Alec Trevelyan die in Goldeneye?
  • 15
    Finish the character name.........................Xenia...........?
  • 16
    How many times has Blofeld been the main villain in a 007 movie?

  • 17
    Has a Bond villain ever had a dog?
  • 18
    Where is Raoul Silva’s lair in Skyfall?
  • 19
    Who sings the title song for The World Is Not Enough?
  • 20
    What does Q stand for at MI6?

  • 21
    Major Boothroyd is better known as what?
  • 22
    In Spectre we were introduced to a new character called what?
  • 23
    What does the T stand for in S.P.E.C.T.R.E?
  • 24
    What year was The Living Daylights made in?
  • 25
    What is the name of the only unofficial 007 Movie?

Comments (13)


1012 days ago
Q17 - is incorrect. Bond villain has had a dog. Hugo Drax had dogs in Moonraker
1054 days ago
Hi Quizmaster - you need to tighten up on the spelling. It’s ‘Ernst Stavro Blofeld’ - you got the ‘r’ and ‘v’ the wrong way round.
1054 days ago
Should be ‘Anders Frejdh‘
1054 days ago
@Leph - if you subscribe to James Bond Radio podcasts, there is an interview with Anders Frejhd (From Sweden with Love). He is very close with Maud Adams and he confirmed that she wasn’t the extra in AVTAK.
1121 days ago
Agree with Andrew Broadhead that Maud Adams has been in three bond films (two as a main character, and one as an extra)
1133 days ago
Drax had two Doberman!

Maud Adams only in two Bond films - she confirmed in an interview that she wasn’t in AVTAK
1155 days ago
Austin Powers is not a TV programme, Maud Adams appeared in three Bond films and Drax had two dogs. Question master has no idea about James Bond.
1156 days ago
As per others,,Drax had 2 dogs
1181 days ago
Maud Adams was in 3 Bond films. She had starring roles in Octo🕊 and TMWTGG but she also had an credited cameo in A View to a Kill. Also, Drax had two dobermans.

The writer of this quiz needs a Bond refresher course...
1184 days ago
Drax had 2 dobermans!
1195 days ago
🚔. I only got 96%
1226 days ago
Hugo Drax had dogs, which he had kill Corrinne for helping Bind?
1257 days ago
Hugo Drax had two dogs!