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For fans of the fin.........

Question 1:Who played the hero of the film, "Chief Brody"?
John Williams
Richard Dreyfuss
Robert Shaw
Roy Scheider

Question 2:Name the shark that is caught and killed by fisherman after the death of the Kitner boy?
Bull Shark
Great White Shark
Tiger Shark
Reef Shark

Question 3:Where is the Film JAWS set?
Liberty Island
Martha's Vineyard
Nova Scotia
Amity Island

Question 4:Name the boat that our heroes head out to sea in, to catch the shark?
The Oracle
Blue Fin
The Orca

Question 5:Who says "I'll catch him, and kill him, for ten"?
Matt Hooper
Cheif Brody
Mrs Kintner

Question 6:Name Matt Hooper's Boat?
The Aurora
Aurora Borealis
The Aura
The Furore

Question 7:Name the fisherman who is found dead in his boat by Hooper and Brody?
Brian Green
Jeff Gardner
Jeff Green
Ben Gardner

Question 8:How many people does 'Jaws' kill in the film?

Question 9:What was the name given to the shark by the filmmakers?
The Machine

Question 10:Who wrote the novel the film was based on?
Leon Uris
Tom Clancy
Stephen King
Peter Benchley

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