Kill Bill Vols. 1 & 2
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Kill Bill Vols. 1 & 2

This is for everyone who's seen the Kill Bill movies. It won't be easy. It won't be hard either... meh, judge for yourself

Question 1:   Okay, here's an easy one: what is Uma Thurman known as for the entire first movie?
Blonde One
Foolish American Woman
The Bride

Question 2:   All of the DiVAS have snake codenames. Which of them is not a poisonous snake?
Black Mamba
California Mountain Snake

Question 3:   Speaking of codenames, which of these is The Bride's?
Black Mamba
California Mountain Snake

Question 4:   How did Elle kill Pai Mei?
Poisoned fish heads
poisoned fish fillets
A sword
She didn't kill him

Question 5:   Why was Uma Thurman given the part of The Bride?
She auditioned for it
Her agent got it for her
It was her 30th birthday present
She begged Tarantino to give her the part

Question 6:   How many are there in the Crazy 88 group?
88... duh...
About 5 dozen
About 3 dozen

Question 7:   There are only three people in the movie who owned a Hattori Hanzo sword. Who were they?
Bill, Budd, and Elle
The Bride, Bill, and O-Ren
Bill, Vernita, and Elle
The Bride, Bill, and Budd

Question 8:   What does The Bride say to people on her list before she kills them?
You... are... dead...
You should have killed me when you had the chance
That they have unfinished business

Question 9:   Who was Vernita expecting when The Bride showed up at her house?

Question 10:   What did Elle call Pai Mei that made him rip out her eye?
a "miserable old fool"
a "heartless old bastard"
a "crazy old fart"
a "stupid old fool"

Question 11:   What did Budd shoot The Bride with when she first tried to kill him?
Bullets... duh!
Rubber Bullets
Rock Salt
He didn't shoot her, he rigged it so it would shoot when the door opened

Question 12:   Whose codename is Snake Charmer?
Pai Mei's
Nobody has that codename

Question 13:   What do the bottom of Uma's shoes say when she is walking on the glass floor at the club?
F*ck U

Question 14:   In the second movie, what do we find out that The Bride's name is?
Beatrice Kiddo
B.B. Kidd
Beatrixe Kidd
Beatrix Kiddo

Question 15:   At the very end of the second movie, what blooper is seen?
Uma Thurman ripping out a Crazy 88's eye, and laughing
Uma falling down while fighting
Uma messing up a line, and swearing
Uma making a face at Lucy Liu in their fight scene

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