Do You Know Lion King 1 1/2?
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Do You Know Lion King 1 1/2?

I thought this movie was pretty funny. How well do you remember it?

Question 1:   What does the monkey tell Timon?
"Look beyond what you see"
To go to Pride Rock
"The journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step"
Don't eat yellow snow

Question 2:   Why did Simba wake up Timon?
He can't sleep
He's afraid of the dark
He saw a hyena
He had to "go"

Question 3:   What is Timon's response to this statement: "You seek Hakunahmatata"
"Harpoon a tomata?"
"Where's that?"

Question 4:   What did Timon and Pumba call Pride Rock?
The big pointy rock
Pride Rock
Their dream home

Question 5:   What kind of bugs does Pumba like?
The crawly ones
The ones with wings
Gummy Worms

Question 6:   What is Timon's uncle's name?

Question 7:   When Pumba gets up to take a break from the movie, what song does Timon start humming?
Can You Feal The Love Tonight
When You Wish Upon A Star
Hit Me Baby One More Time
It's A Small World After All

Question 8:   What does Timon's mom keep doing that annoys him?
Telling him what to do
Calling him "Timmy"
Fixing his hair

Question 9:   What is Timon's mom's name?
She doesn't have one. They call her Ma.

Question 10:   Timon's mom is also the voice of who on what show?
Peggy-King of the Hill
Kitty-That 70's Show
Marge-The Simpsons

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