Which Fellowship member is your true love?
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Which Fellowship member is your true love?

Ever wonder who your true love is? Aragorn? Legolas? Gimli? Take this quiz to find out!

Question 1:On a first date would you rather...
Spend an evening in a banquet with many Lords and Ladys?
Spend a quiet evening wandering in the forest?
Spend an evening in your little home having tea?
Spend an evening in a dark and strange mine?

Question 2:What is your weapon of choice?
Weapon? I'd rather turn invisible and sneak away.
A bow, of course.
Swords, always.
A mighty axe!

Question 3:What does your ideal man look like?
Short, long beard and red hair...*mm mm good!*
Short, dark hair, blue eyes, big feet
Tall, blond, blue-eyed...*swoon*
Tall, broad shoulders, dark hair, blue-grey eyes *shiver*

Question 4:Your man should be...
Composed and reserved, observant and gentle, strong and agile, extremely loyal
Relaxed, easy-going and sweet.
Always right, manly with a good sense of humour...
Strong leader, Lordly, proud and honourable.

Question 5:Your man's strongest emotion would be...
Trust, so trustworthy!
Pride, no one makes a fool of your man!
Grief...so sad....always so sad
Honour, always

Question 6:What is the coolest thing your man could teach you?
How to throw an amazing party!
How to walk on snow...WOW!
How to lead an army! Amazing...
Where to find the best wine around! Mmmm...

Question 7:What is your favorite middle earth species?
Hobbits, so kind and relaxed!
Men, strong and proud.
Elves...so graceful and agile!
Dwarfs! Finally, people who know how to build things!

Question 8:Where would you most like to live?
The Shire, no place like home!
Gondor, the amazing white city!
Mirkwood, what a beautiful forest!
The Mines of Moria!

Question 9:What’s the biggest thing you'd give up for your loved one?
Peace and quiet... you'd go on a grand adventure for him!
My gold, even the greatest wealth could not replace your man!
Immortality...if I really loved them, nothing would be too much.
My Kingdom...who need all that land when you have him!

Question 10:What makes a better last name?
*your name* Queen of Gondor!
*your name* Princess of Mirkwood!
*your name* Gloin's daughter-in-law
*your name* Baggins

Question 11:What is your favorite colour?

Question 12:What would be cooler?
To live a long and peaceful life?
To live forever?
To have lots and lots of gold?
To be a King?

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