How well do you know Legolas?
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How well do you know Legolas?

Think you know that sexy Elf? Check your knowledge with this quiz!

Question 1:How old is Legolas?
I'd say about 25
uhhhh, isn't he immortal?
2 893
2 931 years old

Question 2:Who plays Legolas in the Lord of the Rings movies?
Viggo Mortensen
Isn't he real?
Orlando Bloom
Elijah Wood
Tom Cruise

Question 3:What is Legolas's weapon of choice. (ok, this is a given)
A bow
A sword
An axe
A staff
A whip

Question 4:Legolas is Prince of what?
He's a Prince?

Question 5:What do Legolas and Gimli do after Aragorn's death?
Who's Gimli?
They sail across the sea
Aragorn dies????
They explore the forest of Fangorn and the caves of Helm's Deep together
They go about Middle Earth ridding it of Evil

Question 6:What is Legolas's first line in The Two Towers?
He talks?
He is no mere ranger!
And you have my bow.
Come Gimli!
You're late

Question 7:What does Galadriel give Legolas when the Fellowship leaves Lothlorien?
A pretty dagger
A bow
some magical rope
The light of Elendil
New boots

Question 8:Who does Legolas share a horse with in The Two Towers?
One of the hobbits
He doesn't share his horse.

Question 9:When is the only time that Legolas gets "mad" at Aragorn during The Two Towers?
When Aragorn tells him to kill an Uruk Hai-they never did anything to him.
When Aragorn tells him to shut up while they're talking to King Theoden
When Aragorn borrwed Legolas's bow without asking permission first.
Just before the battle at Helm's Deep
Who's Aragorn again?

Question 10:Who becomes Legolas's best friend?
He doesn't have any friends.

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