Groovy Gandalf and Funky Frodo
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Groovy Gandalf and Funky Frodo

Think you know all there is to know about The Lord Of The Rings movies? Well take this test and boogie!

Question 1:When does Gandalf come back to them?
At The Black Gate
At The Turn Of The Tide
At Dinner-time

Question 2:What is "The Precious"?
The One Ring
Sam's Food
Gimli's Axe

Question 3:Who is the actor who plays Legolas Greenleaf?
Orlando Bloom
Elijah Wood
Ian McEllen

Question 4:Who sang the soundtrack song "May It Be" for 'The Fellowship Of The Ring'?

Question 5:How many humans joined the Fellowship?

Question 6:Who is the actor who plays Gimli and Tree-Beard?
Griff Rhys-Jones
Rhys Ifans
John Rhys-Davis

Question 7:"Mirkwood" was originally known as what?
Fangorn Forest

Question 8:How does "LOTR-The Two Towers" start?
Showing what happened to Gandalf
With a view of the mountain and the Fellowship's voices?
Gimli polishing his axe

Question 9:What does the first line of The Ring's engraving say?
One Ring To Find Them
One Ring Of My Phone And I'll Be By Your Side
One Ring To Rule Them All

Question 10:Which member of the LOTR cast would love to be in a movie version of "The Hobbit"?
Elijah Wood
Orlando Bloom
Ian McEllen

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