Are you an LOTR fanatic?
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Are you an LOTR fanatic?

Welcome to the "Are you an LOTR fanatic Quiz." You must be quite brave to take this quiz, traveling deep into the caves of the Misty Mountains to discover the truth. Good luck Mr. Baggins!!!

Question 1:What is the name of Bilbo and Frodo Baggins' residence(home)?
The Shire
Bag End
Anywhere but where I am, taking this damn quiz!

Question 2:Who is the evil lord who lives in Mordor?
Lord Barney
Lord Sauron
Who cares?

Question 3:What is the first line of the prophecy of the One Ring?
'Barbie rules!'
I don't like this movie!
'One ring to rule them all'

Question 4:Who are Frodo's first three companions before reaching Rivendell?
Merry, Christmas, and Bob
Merry, Sam, and Pippin
Me, Myself and I
Elron, Strider, and Legolas

Question 5:Under what circumstances did Frodo become Bilbo's heir?
Frodo's parents were sexually molesting him so he ran away to Bilbo's home.
Bilbo adopted Frodo.
Frodo got lost on his way home and accidentally found Bilbo.
And you're asking me why?

Question 6:What is the name of the composer of the music on the LOTR soundtrack?
Bob Collins
Danny Elfman
I don't like classical crap!
Howard Shore

Question 7:What is extraordinary about hobbits feet?
Their heads are smaller than their bodies.
Their noses are quite large for such small people.
They are normal size but quite hairy.
Who cares? I’m sure I don't!
They are bigger than their body size allows, but they move stealthily.

Question 8:Why must Frodo leave the Shire?
Ringwraiths are chasing him to retrieve the ring for Sauron.
He wants to find Bilbo.
He decides to return to his molesting parents.
He's going to get married.
Lame question, next please!

Question 9:When reaching the mines of Moria, what is the riddle to get into the mines?
"Eat tacos and come in" in German
"Say 'Sauron' and Enter" in ancient Elvish
Too stupid to answer!
"Speak Friend and Enter" in Elvish

Question 10:What happens to Frodo that causes him to reach Rivendell ahead of schedule?
He is stabbed by the lethal Ringwraith's sword and needs healing immediately.
He breaks his ankle and needs to be healed.
Sam's nose begins to bleed so they need to hurry up before it continues to bleed more.
He dies and they need to have a funeral before his body....well you know..
I don't care

Question 11:What is Strider's real name and to what kingdom is he heir to the throne?
Pot smoker, heir to the Garbazi pot chain.
Aragon, heir to the kingdom of Mordor
Aragorn, heir to the kingdom of Gondor
How the hell am I supposed to know?
I still don't care

Question 12:With whom does Gandalf the Grey fight after leaving Frodo?
Aragorn, aka Strider
This is so weird @!&$@
This is getting stupid!
Saruman, leader of Gandalf's order

Question 13:How many times does Frodo get stabbed or almost get stabbed in the movie LOTR TFOTR?
Too many to count, the boy's like a death magnet!
34....but who's counting....
Still do not care!

Question 14:If given the chance, how much would you give to meet Orlando Bloom, the actor who plays Legolas?
$20, He's not that famous!
Five cents, just cause I'm broke.
I don't even know who the hell this 'Legolas' character is!
ANYTHING!!!! Absolutely anything to meet my future beloved husband, he is soooo hott!!!!!

Question 15:Do you really even care about this movie?
Yes, of course I do!!! I live for the adventures in the Shire!!!
Yes, but its not like I'm obsessed!
No not remotely
NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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