Are you a loyal friend to Frodo?
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Are you a loyal friend to Frodo?

Take this test to see if you are a loyal friend to Frodo.

Question 1:Frodo offers you a chance to take the Ring. Do you take it?
maybe, it depends

Question 2:Frodo is stabbed by the Ringwraiths. What do you do?
take the Ring and run
help him
give the Quest up; it's failed before it's begun

Question 3:Frodo is attacked by a huge snake thing outside of Moria. What do you do?
attack Boromir; he shouldn't have thrown that rock in the water
attack the huge snake thing

Question 4:Frodo is mourning Gandalf's 'death'. What do you do?
yell at him and scold him for being so childish
try to comfort him
take him to Lothlorien before the Orcs arrive

Question 5:Frodo is obviously distressed by what he saw in Galadriel's mirror. What do you do?
try to take the Ring from him
try to persuade him to turn back and let someone else take the Ring to Mordor
nothing; what can I do?
comfort him; help him look on the bright side

Question 6:Frodo is trying to decide what to do: go to Minas Tirith or Mordor. What do you do?
let him go; he needs to be alone
try to take the Ring from here
hope that he makes the right decision

Question 7:Frodo puts the Ring on to get away from Boromir. If you found out about this, what would you do?
scold Frodo and remind him of Gandalf's words
nothing; he had to put it on to get away from Boromir
what do you mean, if I found out? I'm Boromir.

Question 8:You realize Frodo plans to go to Mordor alone. What do you do?
go with him
let him go
nothing; I'm dead

Question 9:So Frodo is gone. What do you do now?
I'm with him
go to Minas Tirith
I'm dead

Question 10:Frodo is being pessimistic about the future. What do you do?
try to help him see the silver lining on the clouds
I'm off fighting Orcs
I'm dead

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