How much do YOU really know about LOTR?
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How much do YOU really know about LOTR?

Test your knowledge on the first two LOTR movies!

Question 1:   Sauron is...
The good guy
My great-aunt's old neighbor's chemistry teacher's brother's third wife's stepson-in-law
The bad guy
A lobster
the one with the fuzzy feet

Question 2:   Eowyn's hair is...
brown, like everyone's hair in Gondor
blonde, like everyone's hair in Rohan
red, like everyone's hair in Mordor
blue, like everyone's hair in guacamole-land
purple, like everyone's tentacles on pluto

Question 3:   Durin's Bane is...
a dragon
a hobbit
an elf
a turkey
a balrog

Question 4:   Sauruman is...
The king of Gondor
that kid who falls off the horse, and then Eowyn gives him soup
a white wizard, and a suck-up who thinks he has more power than Sauron
That freaky guy with the greasy hair and no eyebrows
a llama

Question 5:   Who leads Frodo and Samwise to the Black Gate?
Bill the pony
Rosie Cotton
Harry Potter

Question 6:   One of Aragorn's many nicknames is:
Mr. Nose
The Ringbearer
Mr. Stinky

Question 7:   The flower that grows on the tombs of Theoden's ancestors is called
Evermind (simbelmyne)
Vingilot ( foam-flower)

Question 8:   The first line of Bilbo's songs as he leaves Bag End in the beginning of the Fellowship of The Ring is...
Old Mac Donald had a farm eeee- i eeeee-i oh! And on his farm he had a balrog. eee- i eeee- i oh! with a raor-roar here and a "I'm gonna kill you for coming into moria" there....
Oh, Tom Bombadil....
Mary had a little lamb, little lamb, little lamb!
How much is that doggy in the window...
The road goes ever on and on...

Question 9:   Gollum's favorite food is...

Question 10:   Legolas' horse that Eomer gives him is called...

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