Lord of the Rings - the *movie* quiz
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Lord of the Rings - the *movie* quiz

How much do you really know about the behind the scenes in Lord of the Rings? Take this one and find out for yourself.

Question 1:   Which one got the 'big one' (talking about a splinter) in his toe?
Sean Astin
Karl Urban
Dominic Monaghan

Question 2:   Which of the following appears in the Two Towers soundtrack?
Billy Boyd
Peter Jackson
Andrew Lesnie

Question 3:   Who had a crush on Cate Blanchett?
Viggo Mortensen
John Rhys Davies
Elijah Wood

Question 4:   Who acted the character of the "grisly painter" on Sean's movie he made on the set?
Andy Serkis
Phillipa Boyens
Andrew Lesnie

Question 5:   Andy Serkis also made the voices of...
2 of the elves
background voices in the passage of the dead
Some of the Uruk Hai

Question 6:   The real "one ring" is now...
in the hands of Jack Nason - the luck ebay bidder
On Peter Jackson's mantle above the fireplace
in some warehouse - never to be sold

Question 7:   Viggo Mortensen used to be a ...
ice cream dude
accountant for Bank of America
truck driver

Question 8:   Which two actors met for the first time on an airplane to New Zealand on their way to film Fellowship of the Rings?
Sean Astin and Elijah Wood
Liv Tyler and Sean Bean
Billy Boyd and Orlando Bloom

Question 9:   Who accidentally tore off Sean Astin's wig?
Elijah Wood
Peter Jackson
Andy Serkis

Question 10:   Who was Viggo's double?

Question 11:   who tried to boycott Return of the King?
Mark Ordesky
Christopher Lee
Mirando Otto

Question 12:   Who was nominated for best supporting actor for Fellowship?
Ian McKellen
Sean Bean
Ian Holm

Question 13:   Who sings "Into the West"?
Emiliana Torrini
Annie Lenox

Question 14:   Who saw the "bright light"?
Sala Baker
Orlando Bloom
Mirando Otto

Question 15:   Last one! Whew - you made it! Why wasn't the Scouring of the Shire ever shot?
Dominic Monaghan suddenly died, so they couldn't shoot it
Peter Jackson never liked that part in the book
Elijah caught the flu and wasn't able to meet the deadline for filming

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