Marvel Characters' Names

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This test is to see if you know the Marvel Characters' names. There are going to be actors and their real names. Be careful, take your time. Some parts will be tricky!

  • 1
    Now, let's start off your test with Captain America. What's his name?
  • 2
    Now, here's Bucky Barnes...well, I just told you his name. Then go ahead and tell me what the actor for him is.
  • 3
    Now. Here we go to Iron man. What's his name?

  • 4
    Okay, now here's Thor. Wait, I just told you his name. Okay... tell me the actor then.
  • 5
    Now Thor's brother Loki. Whoops, I just told you... again. Go ahead, you know what to do.
  • 6
    Now, Hulk. Umm, you know... the actor.

  • 7
    Now, here's Doctor Strange. Well, I just told you his last name and the first name is easy. Go ahead and tell me the actor.
    (Stephen Strange)
  • 8
    Now coming to Spider man. Tel me his name.
  • 9
    Now, Thanos. I just told you. Tell me the actor then.
  • 10
    Now we have Nebula here. Gp ahead and tell me the actor.

  • 11
    Now we have Nebula's sister, Gamora. Tell me the actor.
  • 12
    Now we have Star Lord. Tell me his name. Not the actor, the name.
  • 13
    Now tell me the actor for Rocket the Raccoon. Not Rabbit, not Puppy, not whatever, Raccoon.
  • 14
    Now we have Groot the tree. Well umm, never mind. Tell me the actor.
  • 15
    Now we have Drax the Destroyer. Tell me... whatever. You know what I mean.
  • 16
    What do we have here? We have the Black Panther. What's his name again?

  • 17
    Going to the War Machine. What's his name? I can't remember. Can you remind me? Also, not the actor, the name.
  • 18
    High in the sky we have Falcon. What's his name? Don't get this wrong.
  • 19
    Now we have the tiny and huge Ant-man. What's his name? Not the actor.
  • 20
    Now we have the Wasp. What's her name? I know, but do you?

  • 21
    Now we have the Black Widow to deal with. Or should I say you? What's the actor? If you get it right, I'll tell you her name.
  • 22
    Now Scarlet Witch. What's her name?
  • 23
    Here we have Quicksilver. Tell me his name?
  • 24
    Now we have the last one. We have Hawkeye. What's his name?

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721 days ago
it's maximoff not maxioff or what ever but like ugh
1518 days ago
This was really easy but Wanda's last name is not....Maxiof....or whatever other ones there were. That kinda annoyed me...
1635 days ago
totally and utterly painful...
1690 days ago
Yeah, I made that a while ago ;)
1742 days ago
More a spelling test than a quiz. Not so much fun. And Wanda's last name? One for you to check......