How the Western Movie was Won

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Just how much do you know about the Western film?

  • 1
    What Western film did actor John Wayne win his Academy Award for?
  • 2
    What Western film directed by Sam Peckinpah did the actor William Holden play the lead role in?
  • 3
    John Ford directed what film version of the Gunfight at the OK Corral?

  • 4
    Who played the villainous gunfighter Jack Wilson in the 1953 Western film “Shane?”
  • 5
    What actor played Clint Eastwood’s Native American sidekick in the Western film “The Outlaw Josey Wales?”
  • 6
    What actress played Ethan Edwards’ niece Lucy in the 1956 Western film “The Searchers?”

  • 7
    What actor played the young hotshot Deputy Harvey Pell in the 1952 Western film “High Noon?”
  • 8
    Clint Eastwood’s character Bill Munny has reformed from what vice in the 1992 Western film “Unforgiven?”
  • 9
    What actor played the villain in Sergio Leone’s 1968 Western film “Once Upon a Time in the West?”
  • 10
    He played Billy the Kid in the 1958 Western film “The Left Handed Gun.”

  • 11
    What actor played the title role in the 1966 Western film “Nevada Smith?”
  • 12
    What actor played the knife-throwing expert Britt in the 1960 Western film “The Magnificent Seven?”
  • 13
    This popular television star played the title role in the 1962 Western film “Geronimo.”
  • 14
    Stuntman-turned-actor was nominated for an Academy Award for his performance as an old-time cowhand in the 1978 Western film “Comes a Horseman.”
  • 15
    She played the love interest to both Paul Newman and Robert Redford in the 1969 Western film “Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.”
  • 16
    These two larger-than-life actors duke it out in a scene from the 1958 Western film “The Big Country.”

  • 17
    This colorful British actor played the unlikely title role in the 1967 Western film “Custer of the West.”
  • 18
    Which of these actors was NOT one of “The Professionals” (1966)?
  • 19
    This actress played Kevin Costner’s love interest Stands With a Fist in the 1990 Western film “Dances with Wolves.”
  • 20
    What actor played the reserved and emotionally distant Lt. Col. Owen Thursday in the 1948 John Ford Western film “Fort Apache?”

  • 21
    Sam Peckinpah’s first film as a director was this moody 1961 Western starring Brian Keith.
  • 22
    This actor played the villain Curly Bill in the 1993 Western film “Tombstone.”
  • 23
    This actor played the original Ben Wade in the 1957 Western film “3:10 to Yuma.”
  • 24
    This veteran character actor played the undertaker in the 1976 Western film “The Shootist.”
  • 25
    This actor has a cameo as Gen. William Tecumseh Sherman in the 1962 Western film epic “How the West Was Won.”
  • 26
    This actor plays outlaw Cole Younger in the 1980 Western film “The Long Riders.”

  • 27
    This actress played Warren Beatty’s love interest in Robert Altman’s 1971 Western film “McCabe & Mrs. Miller.”
  • 28
    This popular television actor played Charlton Heston’s youthful sidekick in the 1968 Western film “Will Penny.”
  • 29
    Kirk Douglas played a modern-day cowboy on the run from the law in the 1962 Western film “Lonely Are the Brave.” What actor played the sheriff chasing him?
  • 30
    This actor played the youthful sidekick to John Wayne in the 1966 Western film “El Dorado.”

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1984 days ago
No. 6 - Pippa Scott played Lucy in "The Searchers." The other niece, Debbie, was played by both Lana and Natalie Wood.