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  • 1
    What movie got Jake Gyllenhaal an Oscar Nomination?
  • 2
    Which actor does not appear in Pulp Fiction?
  • 3
    What is the name of Neil Blomkamps film released in 2015?

  • 4
    How many Oscars does Meryl Streep have?
  • 5
    Which director used to put Robert DeNiro in many of his films but has recently found a new muse in Leonardo DiCaprio?
  • 6
    What movie is about a 12 year old boy who falls in love with a vampire?

  • 7
    Which movie has not gotten Daniel Day Lewis an Oscar/Nomination?
  • 8
    What movie won Best Picture in the 2013 Oscars?
  • 9
    Who famously stars in the original True Grit?
  • 10
    What are the name of the two Coen Brothers?

  • 11
    Fill in the blank "Who's Afraid of _______?"
  • 12
    What actor plays Sam Bell and a few of his clones in Moon?
  • 13
    What movie features the quote "Hold on to your butts"?
  • 14
    Which character do you not meet in Batman Begins?
  • 15
    What are the three colors in the Three Colors Trilogy?
  • 16
    Which horror movie features a creature children's book that comes to life?

  • 17
    Kevin Costner directed and starred in what Best Picture Winner?
  • 18
    What Coen Brothers movie has been made into a television show?
  • 19
    How many Oscars did 2001: A Space Odyssey win?
  • 20
    In which Hitchcock film is the main character stuck in a wheelchair?

  • 21
    How many actors are shown in the movie Buried?
  • 22
    What world crisis has struck in the movie Alfonso Cuaron's 2006 sci-fi film?
  • 23
    It takes 1.21 gigawatts to power what?
  • 24
    What former star of the TV series Lost stars in The Hobbit series?
  • 25
    Which of the following is not a David Fincher film?

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