Movie Quiz
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Movie Quiz

This quiz is about some current and not so current films. Answer the questions, They are in multiple choice form, good luck!

Question 1:In 'Rat Race', Who was Rowan Atkinson (Mr Bean)?
The Casino Owner
The Guy that kept falling asleep
The Express Train Driver
The Helicopter Pilot
A Police Officer

Question 2:in 'South Park the movie', What country did the United States Army start a war against?

Question 3:What country was 'The lord of the Rings' (part 1) Filmed?
New Zealand

Question 4:In 'The Castle' what is the problem of the location of the main character's house?
It's next to a train station
It's next to a airport
It's next to the Lucas Heights Nuclear Reactor
It's next to a rubbish tip
It's next to a factory

Question 5:In 'The Dish' What Australian NASA Satellite Complex was the movie filmed at?
The Moree Complex
The Woomera Complex
The Coolangatta Complex
The Mount Isa Complex
The Parkes Complex

Question 6:In 'Shallow Hal' why did Jason Alexander (George off Seinfeld) dislike the girl he was planing to go out with?
She was ugly
She turned out to be a lesbian
She had nothing in common with Jason Alexander
She turned out to be a cousin of Jason Alexander
She had a extended toe

Question 7:In 'Rat Race' who is the 'Barbie' character?
A Nazi
A Gay Rights Activist
A Berowrian
The Squirel and walnut lady
One of the Casino patrons

Question 8:In 'Goldeneye' (James Bond 007) Which Goldeney satellite complex was hit by the EMP (Electro-Magnetic-Pulse)
Cuban Complex
St. Petersburg Complex
Arcangelsk Complex
French Complex
Severnaya Complex

Question 9:In 'Tomorrow Never Dies' (James Bond 007) Who is Elliot Carver?
A British Naval Officer that Died
The CMGN Media Boss
A Chinese External Intelligence Agent
The British Defence Minister
A Newsreader

Question 10:In 'Vanilla Sky' What is the real name of the main Character?
Patrick Duffy
Russel Crowe
Denzel Washington
Rowan Atkinson
Tom Cruise

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