Princess Mononoke Quiz
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Princess Mononoke Quiz

A quiz on the Miramax motion picture, Princess Mononoke.

Question 1:What does Ashitaka do to scare Yakul away from the demon god?
He shoots an arrow to the side of Yakul.
He throws a rock to the side of Yakul.
The throws the man he's with at Yakul.
He jumps onto Yakul's back.
He doesn't scare him.

Question 2:What limb been cursed by the demon god?
His left arm.
His right leg.
His left leg.
His head.
His right arm.

Question 3:Where does Lady Eboshi live?
Blitz Team

Question 4:What group of animals is San with?
The Apes
The Wolves
The Bores
The Timothys
The Kumadas

Question 5:What did they find in the stomach of the demon god that cursed Ashitaka after he killed it?
a poisonous plant.
a dagger.
a monkey.
an iron ball.
ramen noodles/

Question 6:How many men did Ashitaka find on the way to the forest?

Question 7:What is the injury of the conscious man he finds?
a broken nose
a stubbed toe
sword sticking out of his foot
a scratch on his chest
a broken arm

Question 8:What does the wolf-head do to Lady Eboshi after she shoots the Forest god's head off?
it bites her head off
it bites her toe off
it bites her leg off
it knocks her gun away
it bites her arm off

Question 9:What is the song that plays when the night walker is trying to find his head?
The Atagio of Life and Death
Ashitaka and San
The Princess Mononoke Theme
The World of the Dead
Ai no Senshi

Question 10:What does Ashitaka give San at the near end of the movie?
a necklace his little sister gave him.
his sword his grandfather gave him.
his arrow that killed Nagi (the demon god)
the tusk of a dead bore

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