Fight Club quiz
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Fight Club quiz

This isn't for those who've seen it twice to get the twist. This is for those who've seen it countless times, can recite along with the dialog and love this movie so much it makes them sick.

Question 1:What is the first line spoken in the movie?
Any last words?
This is it, ground zero.
The first rule of fight club is you do not talk about fight club.
This is your life and it’s ending one minute at a time.
With a gun barrel in between your teeth, you speak only in vowels.

Question 2:Who speaks the first line?
Tyler Durden
Jack (otherwise known as the Narrator)
Detective Stern

Question 3:What color tie does Jack's boss wear on Tuesdays?
Sunflower Yellow
Cornhusk Yellow
Royal Blue
Regal Blue
Cornflower Blue

Question 4:Where exactly does Jack meet Marla for the first time?
At a support group for men with testicular cancer
At a support group for tuberculosis
At a laundromat
At a vintage clothes shop
At a basement

Question 5:What is Jack's ‘power animal’ the first time he steps into the cave?
polar bear

Question 6:In the movie, where does Jack meet Tyler?
At the airport
On a airplane
On a nude beach
At a support group for men with testicular cancer
at a bar

Question 7:Where does Jack live?
Pearson Apartments
Paper Street Towers
Pepper Street
A Place To Be Somebody Condos
Pearson Towers

Question 8:What is the name of those dots that come on upper right hand corner of the screen?(from Tyler’s night job as a movie projectionist scene)
Cigarette Burns
Cigarette Butts
Cigarette Stains
Cigarette dots

Question 9:What is Tyler’s street address?
1531 Paper Street
1500 Drury Avenue
513 Pepper Street
718 Pearson Street
1537 Paper Street

Question 10:Which actress is on the magazine that Jack and Tyler use for collecting rain drips?
Courtney Love
Charlize Theron
Gyweneth Paltrow
Drew Barrymore
Gretchen Mol

Question 11:What is the eighth rule of Fight Club?
No shirt, no shoes
Two men to a fight
You do not talk about Fight Club
one fight at a time
If it’s your first night, you have to fight

Question 12:Who did Ricky, from Jack’s office, beat the snot out of?
a Matre’D at a local food court

Question 13:What historical figure does Jack want to fight?
William Shatner
his dad

Question 14:What drug does Marla overdose on?

Question 15:How much did Marla pay for that stunning bridesmaid dress?
a penny
found it on the edge of the highway
a favor
a dollar

Question 16:What is Marla’s apartment number?

Question 17:What is the name of the Jack's boss?
Raymond K. Hessel
Richard E. Chesler
Robert Chester

Question 18:Who does Tyler use as his first Human Sacrifice?
Richard E. Chesler
Ricky from Jack’s office
Raymond K. Hessel

Question 19:What version of the 'I am Jack’s...' line is spoken in thought after Jack sees Tyler showing pride for Angel?
I am Jack’s Broken Heart.
I am Jack’s Raging Bile Duct.
I am Jack’s Angry Inch.
I am Jack’s Inflamed Sense of Rejection.

Question 20:What does the bumper sticker say on Tyler’s loaned airport parking car?
Drunk Drivers Against Mothers
Motor Oil Can Be Used to Fertilize Lawns
Sticking Feathers Up Your Butt Does Not Make You A Chicken
Recycle Your Animals

Question 21:What kind of poems does Jack write and e-mail to people?

Question 22:What is Bob’s full name?
Bobby Pearson
Robert Pearlstein
Robert Paulson

Question 23:What is spray painted on the door leading into the room where Jack discovers numerous plans for Project Mayhem?

Question 24:Who plays the waiter who tells Jack and Marla anything they order is free of charge? (someone has to know this too!)
Scooter Ward of the band Cold
Ed Kowakczyk of the band Live
Aaron Lewis of the band Stain'd
the director

Question 25:What Brad Pitt movie is playing in the theater in the background of the scene when Jack is trying to hail a bus for Marla?
Seven Years In Tibet
Legends of the Fall
Meet Joe Black

Question 26:Why do people think Jack is Tyler?(I’m tossing you a freebie, ladies and gentlemen)
Because Tyler is copying Jack’s lovely style
Because they’re the same maddening person
Because Jack is the copy-cat
duhh. i dunno

Question 27:What scene does Tyler say, “We just had a near-life experience!”?
after Tyler burns Jack’s hand
after Jack and Tyler first met
after Tyler and Jack’s first fight
after the car crash

Question 28:Who is the band that made the music for the film?
The Dust Brothers
The Chemical Brothers
Nine Inch Nails

Question 29:Who is the writer of the book this movie was based on?
Ralph Waldo Emerson
David Fincher
Finus Martin
Chuck Palahniuk

Question 30:What is the last line of the film?
Trust me, everything is going to be fine.
You're the worst thing that ever happened to me.
You met me at a very strange time in my life.

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