Sleepy Hollow Test
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Sleepy Hollow Test

Test your knowledge of the Depp/Ricci film of 1999! :) Not only is Jonny Depp hot as, you can learn heaps about him!

Question 1:Ichabod is pronounced:

Question 2:Young Masbeth's first name is:
They never say in the movie, he goes by young!

Question 3:Sleepy Hollow is based on the classic novel THE LEGEND OF SLEEPY HOLLOW. Who is the author?
Irve Washinton Lee
Irving Rhight
Washington Irving

Question 4:When Baltus relates to the legend of the Hessian Mercenry, he says: The Hessian Mercenry was sent to these shores by ___________.
Warriors of Austria
German Princes
Greek Princes

Question 5:When Ichabod is chased by the "horseman", it turns out to be a prank. Who is underneath the cloak?
Casper Van Dien

Question 6:How many times in the film does the phrase "Pardon my intrusion" come about?

Question 7:Lady Van Tassel is played by:
Natasha Richardson
Alicia Witt
Miranda Richardson

Question 8:Ichabod and Young Masbeth find the mistakenly named Evil Eye placed under Ichabod's bed, at the foot. Who drew it?
Lady Van Tassel
The Servant Girl, Sarah.

Question 9:Which of these sets of names are victims of the Hessian?
Dirk, Emily, Jonathon
John, Dirk, Sarah
Sarah, Pete, Emily

Question 10:When Lady Van Tassel tells Katrina her reason for the murders, she says: While Baltus Van Tassel, and his ___________ wife and girl child ________________.
His poor wife and girl child destroyed this town
His sick wife and girl child prospered.
His Simpery wife and girl child stole our home

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