The Addams Family
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The Addams Family

Think you know about the movie the Addams Family?Take this quiz and see how much you really know.

Question 1:Why did Fester leave home?
He hates Morticia
Gomez wouldn't give him a share of the money
He wanted a new life
He wanted to take a vacation
He got mad at Gomez for trying to get Flora and Fana

Question 2:Where was Morticia and Gomez's second honeymoon?
the Bermuta Triangle

Question 3:Why did Fester go back home when had amnesia?
he thought there was a connection between him and the addams'
his thought to be mother and Tulley needed to steal the Addams'money
he was lost in rainstorm,and the Addams' house was the only house he could find to get shelter

Question 4:Whenever Fester and Morticia were walking through the graveyard,what did the words on the tombstone mean that Morticia said "were not just pretty words"?
We fight because we're Addamses.
Nothing can bring us down because we're Addamses.
We feast on those who subdue us.

Question 5:What's the title of the that book gets you into the vault?
Gone with the Wind
The Sun Rises

Question 6:What did Fester think was his name when he had amnesia?

Question 7:Whenever ever the Addams family lived in the motel,what did Wednesday say to the girlscout when she asked if it was a deal that she would buy a glass of lemonade if Wednesday and Pugsly bought a box of her girlscout cookies?
Do they cost more than a dollar?
Are they made from all natural substances?
Are they made from real girlscouts?
Do you have any cyanide?

Question 8:Would played Wednesday in the movie?
Wynona Rider
some girl they picked up off the street
Christina Ricci

Question 9:Who played Morticia?
Angelica Houston
Nicole Cidman
I don't know because I'm never watched the credits

Question 10:Who did Wednesday dance with at the party they held for Fester?
Lumpy Addams
Slouchy Addams
Slumpy Addams
Grumpy Addams

Question 11:How many knives were used in the mamooshca?

Question 12:How did Fester get his memory back?
Gomez hit him on the head with a heavy object.
A bolt of lightening struck him in the head.
He fell down the stairs and hit his head.
It just came back to him.

Question 13:Where did Morticia and Gomez meet?
at a Halloween party
they always knew each other
at Morticia's first funeral

Question 14:What was Morticia tutored in?
general education like math,english,science,etc.
spells and hexes

Question 15:What game did the Addamses play on Halloween?
is there a god?
hide and seek in the graveyard
bobbing for apples
wake the dead

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