The ULTIMATE Timmy and Fluffy Quiz
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The ULTIMATE Timmy and Fluffy Quiz

How much do you know about Timmy the Firedog and his companion Fluffy the Happy Pink Bunny?

Question 1:In "Timmy, Fluffy, and the Apocalypse" what does Timmy worry about never being able to eat again?
a taquito
a churro
a chalupa
mexican seafood
lead paint chips

Question 2:Who is Timmy and Fluffy's biggest and only fan?

Question 3:Who is the sassy advice-dispensing rabbit with spiky red hair?
Lilac the pretty lilac bunny
Moosey the barbaric behemoth bunny
Tinker Galoot

Question 4:What do Timmy and Fluffy eat before they enter the Tragic Kingdom (TM) of the Squirrels?
a mushroom
Chicken in a Biscuit
an acorn
cotton candy
crack rocks

Question 5:What is the name of Timmy's supposed rival in "The Sequel and the Final Chapter"?

Question 6:Who played Timmy's fish in "The Sequel and Final Chapter"?
a singing trout
a frozen perch
Don Knotts
a giant stuffed salmon from Big-Lots

Question 7:Why were some scenes edited out of "The Sequel and Final Chapter" when it came time to perform it?
Because of several well-thought out reasons my teacher had
Because of time constraints
For their gay connotations
To improve the production's "flow"
To improve the coherence of the plot

Question 8:Where do Timmy and Fluffy live?
in a group home for troubled teens
an amusement park
in an idyllic wilderness
in my fragmented mind alone
under a bridge

Question 9:Who has an upcoming feature (co-starring with Timmy and Fluffy) in the works?
The Splashin' Fish
Shmanky the Learning Slug
Peasant Squirrel

Question 10:Who is Mark Ryden?
DJ Irene's favorite drag queen
a homeless street performer
a brilliant artist
the man who patented the cotton gin
my next door neighbor (I wish)

This Quiz has been designed by Julianna.