Cube: The Test
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Cube: The Test

Do you think that you are man enough to try and take on the challenging and awesome power of the maze Cube? Think you can survive what people in both movies did, with little casualty? Izon has prepped you for the game with all that you need, so you better get ready. Your life will depend on it.

Question 1:You wake up, finding yourself on the metallic floor of a cube, that is roughly 15 by 15 meters large. You...
Scream like a baby. You're claustrophobic.
Carefully figure out where you are, remaining calm.
Wonder how much you drank last night. Shrug it off.
Take out your knife, and try to remove the plating. Someone will show up but practice makes perfect.

Question 2:You look in a direction, and hear voices in another room. You make your way toward the door and..
Yell for help, in the most girlish voice you can make.
Open the door, and ask if they are alright. Join them, being calm.
Open the door, and slide into the room not making a scene. Yawn.
Open the door, and pounce onto the person in that room. Slit his or her throat on the spot.

Question 3:People eventually get into a group in this room, making a total of 7. You...
Sit against a wall, and rock back and forth. Repeat "This is all a dream."
Get everyone calmed down, and introduce everyone to eachother.
Don't say anything, but just stand with them. Shrug, glance, and yawn.
Plot how to kill them all, one-by-one...

Question 4:As you move from room to room, you notice that everything is the same. You...
Whimper profusely.
Leave markings behind, to show that you've been there.
Continue on, not helping but not bringing them down. Yawn.
Carve little stick figures into the metal, showing some of them getting hacked to pieces. Carve the names of those people above each individual stick figure.

Question 5:As you go through a door, you stop for a sec because you dropped something. When you pick it up, you..
Scramble away from that place as fast as possible. Scream.
See those numbers that were different in every room... Prime numbers?
Continue on, not really caring.
See those numbers, but carve them to the point where you can't make them out anymore.

Question 6:You suddenly hear a whirring noise in the next room when entering it. You..
RUN AWAY!! Now is a good moment to scream.
Gasp, then pull everyone back from that room.
Continue on. It doesn't concern you.
Shove someone into the room, to see what happens.

Question 7:Unfortunately, someone went into the room. A large spinning grate then drops from the ceiling and turns the person into a bloody pulp before going back up into the ceiling. You...
Give a second to silently mourn the person, then continue on. Mark that the room is trapped. What is with those prime numbers...?
Yawn as loud as you can. TV has desensitized you to violence and death.

Question 8:Your party has found out the deal with the rooms! The Numbers! It all makes sense now! Only rooms with Prime Numbers have traps in them! You make your way leisurely through the rooms, checking for the numbers. You..
Start to calm down, but still chant "We're gonna die" like a mantra.
Laugh and smile alot, while leading them. You're going to get free soon!
Shrug. Yawn. Blink.
Constantly threaten people to stay away from you, with your knife.

Question 9:Through one door, you can hear rushing wind behind it. One of your team mates thinks that it is the exit and makes a mad dash towards it. You..
Watch and shiver. Close your eyes tight.
Yell "WAIT! Stop!"
Shrug, and watch the person.
Go to the back of the crowd, and kill the person at the back as silently as possible.

Question 10:The person opens the door and crawls into the room. Unfortunately, there is no ground on the other side. That person then falls, and falls, and falls... You can tell by how his voice travels. You..
Look over the side, and find out that this is the outside of the Cube.
Whistle a song to yourself, by that person who you forgot.
Shove the person who is examining the outside, out the door.

Question 11:From the number that you got from that door, you can tell that those numbers aren't random, but are special coordinates of the cube, labeling each room. There are 150 in total, that you can see but now people are starting to split up. You..
Numbers? I can't even see with the tears in my eyes..
Suggest that we make our way to the bottom, and look around down there.
Follow the bigger crowd, and don't chip in.
Follow the smaller crowd. Less witnesses.

Question 12:You start to do the plan with the rooms. Evade traps, work through levels. Hunger has set in, but your buttons keep you nourished. You..
Mutter incoherent ramblings.
Keep everyone encouraged. We're almost done!
You remember about a room that had the number 151... Strange.. There can't be that much. You break off from the group, and go to this room.
Show your true colours, and stab the closest person in the group.

Question 13:Someone has just gone insane, and tries to kill people. You..
Cower, and scream.
Knock that person out as fast as possible.
Shrug. Someone will take care of it.
You ARE the insane person.

Question 14:You all get away from the creep, and find yourself in the same room you started in. You went in a circle! You..
Scream in anger and fear.
Think that there may be some connection to this, and the starting point.
Groan. I don't want to walk anymore!
Drink the blood off your knife, and chase after those people.

Question 15:In a desperate effort to escape. You open the door and see a bright light on the otherside. Escape! You then..
Dash into the light.
Dash into the light. He's right behind you!
Walk casually into the light.
Finish off everyone else first, then go into the light.

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