Spaceball One
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Spaceball One

Do you give great Helmet? Do you like to Barf? Or, most importantly, do you hate Yogurt, especially with strawberries?

Question 1:Finish this quote: "Ïf you can read this, you..."
are not illiterate
are pretty cluey
are a moron
get a gold star for effort
don't need glasses

Question 2:What does the numberplate on the back of Spaceball One say?
No Fat Chicks
Baby on Board
Spaceball One
I brake for nobody

Question 3:What does Dark Helmet always do when he watches Radar?
Plays with himself
Has a coffee
Plays with his dolls
Smokes a cigarette
Eats breakfast

Question 4:What speed does the Spaceball One go up to?
Ridiculous Speed
100 miles an hour
Ludicrous Speed
Silly Speed
Light Speed

Question 5:Who does Princess Vespa have to marry?
Prince Charles
Prince Valium
The Artist Formerly Known as Prince
Princess Valium
The Fresh Prince of Bel Air

Question 6:How much does Pizza the Hut raise Lone Star's debt to?
Half a million Spacebucks
A million Spacebucks
A Shitload of Money
eighteen bucks fifty
A cool million

Question 7:What song is Barf listening to in the back of the Winnebago?
I'll Sleep When I'm Dead by Bon Jovi
Living On A Prayer by Bon Jovi
Unskinny Bop by Poison
Raise Your Hands by Bon Jovi
Youth Gone Wild by Skid Row

Question 8:Who plays President Scroob?
John Hurt
Leslie Nielson
Mel Gibson
Dick Van Patten
Mel Brooks

Question 9:What did Dark Helmet threaten to do if the king of Druidia didn't tell him the combination to the air shield?
Kill his daughter
Marry his daughter
Pepper the air shield with nuclear missiles until it cracks
Take up smoking
Give his daughter back her old nose

Question 10:What galaxy does Lone Star hail from?
The Milky Way Galaxy
The Aurora Borealis
The Toyota Galaxy
The Ford Galaxy
The Mekong Delta

Question 11:What are the names of the twins President Scroob has sex with, at the same time?
Gillian and Gayle
Raggedy Anne and Andy
Charlene and Marlene
Annie and Fanny
Lolene and Jolene

Question 12:What was the combination on the air shield (hint: the president has the same combination on his luggage)
555 - If you don't like our air, quit breathing it
SOS - We're dying in here

Question 13:What happened to Pizza the Hut?
He locked himself in his car and ate himself to death
A horde of hungry Ethiopians ate him to death
Roseanne Barr went off her diet and ate him to death
Lone Star killed him
Barf ate him

Question 14:Who tricked Princess Vespa into leaving Yogurt's hideout?
Pizza the Hut
Dark Helmet - by pretending he was her father
Colonel Sanders - by pretending he was a chicken
Prince Valium
President Scroob

Question 15:What three movies/TV series does Spaceballs send up?
Star Wars, Battle Star Galactica, Planet of the Apes
Alien, Star Wars, ET
Star Wars, Star Trek, Planet of the Apes
Aliens, Terminator, The Abyss
Star Wars. Empire Strikes Back, Return of the Jedi

Question 16:Who plays Princess Vespa?
Daphne Lawrence
Daphne Zuniga
Delta Goodrem
Neve Campbell
Demi Moore

Question 17:Yogurt's hideout was hidden where?
Under a sand dune in the desert
In the Degobah System
On Tattooine
Under a huge boulder
On Ant Island

Question 18:What is the surname of most of Dark Helmet's crew?

Question 19:Who gets the "short, short version"?
Princess Vespa and Prince Valium
Princess Vespa and Dot Matrix
Lone Star and Barf
Princess Vespa and Lone Star
Dark Helmet and his dolls

Question 20:Complete this quote: "I'm a Mog. Half man, half dog..."
I can lick my own balls
I don't have to leave the house to chase tail
I'm my own best friend
I'm my own worst enemy
Do you got any Smackos?

Question 21:What did the guy in the Space Diner order before an alien burst out of his ribcage?
The House Special
The Chef's Special
The Five Dollar Discount
The Special
An Entree

Question 22:What did Lone Star's medallion say?
That he was adopted
That he was a Prince
It was in an ancient dialect no one could decipher
Do Not Pass Go, Do Not Collect $200
It was a starsign medallion. It said he was a Cancerian

Question 23:Complete the quote: "Come back here, you...'
Ugly Fat Ho'
Militant Lesbian
Fat Bitch
Fat bearded bitch
Mad Cow

Question 24:What number does the automated self destruct mechanism leave out of the countdown, as a joke?

Question 25:Who plays Yogurt?
Danny DeVito
Al Pacino
Mel Brooks
Dustin Hoffman
Robin Williams

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