The *NEW* ULTIMATE Timmy and Fluffy Quiz
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The *NEW* ULTIMATE Timmy and Fluffy Quiz

Hey, do you find the old ULTIMATE Timmy and Fluffy Quiz to be outdated (but still slightly entertaining)? Well, take the NEW one, you boob!

Question 1:Who, indeed, is the ultimate Timmy and Fluffy fan as of 5/17/03?
Lisa and Alex
Felt Raccoon
Mel O. Mushroom

Question 2:Exactly how did Timmy and Fluffy GET CAUGHT?
They vomited in a prominent Chinese ruler's lap
They drowned cats (like in Gummo)
They wore white shoes after labor day
They spray-painted a wall
They ran away from home

Question 3:What would Fluffy the happy pink bunny most like to be?
A butterfly
Cotton candy
A yarn octopus
Glinda the good witch from "the Wizard of Oz"
A lollipop

Question 4:Why does everyone HATE Timmy the Firedog so much?
He's lame
He sucks
He's not macho enough
No one knows, but you're supposed to...
He stole my heart

Question 5:What song by The Cure is Fluffy listening to alone in her room in "Lilac the Pretty Lilac Bunny"?
"This Twilight Garden"
"Hot, Hot, Hot"
"Just Like Heaven"
"Boys Don't Cry"

Question 6:Where did Timmy go in "The Loneliest Day"?
To Montana
To Summer Camp
To Firedog School
To work at a Firehouse
To have his daily shave

Question 7:What is Lilac's email address that the public can use to send her problems and receive smashing advice?

Question 8:The liver is responsible for producing what?
Red Blood Cells

Question 9:How would Lilac most likely spend her day?
Helping the down-trodden
Giving advice to people... even if they didn't ask for it and don't want it...
Polishing her porcelain cat collection
Worrying that she's not attractive enough for her own high standards

Question 10:What happened to Fluffy while doing hard time in "Timmy and Fluffy GET CAUGHT"?
She developed Bulimia and was put on suicide watch
She contracted Polio
She caught the Clap
She joined a gang and got gold caps on her canines
She smoked drugs, abandoning her straight-edge morals

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