A "Now and Then" Trivia Test
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A "Now and Then" Trivia Test

This is a test to see how well you know the movie "Now and Then"

Question 1:Why did Roberta start to cry in Sam's grandmother's attic?
She found the information about her mother's death
She was mad at her dad for lying to her about her mother's death
She felt bad for Dear Johnny

Question 2:Why did Chrissy slap Roberta at the lake on the way to Greenfield?
Roberta called Chrissy fat
Roberta wouldn't help Chrissy get the bird poop out of her hair
Roberta pretended she got hurt after jumping into the shallow lake

Question 3:Which character wanted to be an actress?

Question 4:What were the girls saving up for that summer?
New bikes
A new communication system between their houses to replace the other one they made
A treehouse

Question 5:What did the girls do to get back at The Wormers?
Threw snakes at them while they were skinny-dipping
Roberta beat Scott at basketball
Took their clothes while they were skinny-dipping in the lake

Question 6:What was the name of the psychic the girls went to to find out about Dear Johnny's death?

Question 7:Why didn't Sam like Mr. Kent?
He treated her like a little kid and made fun of her
He liked her sister Angela better
He was dating her mom and she felt like he was taking her dad's place

Question 8:What did Chrissy say was wrong with smoking when the Vietnam veteran offered the girls a cigarette?
It stunts your growth
It causes lung cancer
It makes you look dumb

Question 9:Who helped Teeny get Sam out of the sewer?
Sam's dad
Crazy Pete
Mr. Kent

Question 10:Who filled her bra with pudding?

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