Do YOU know The Goonies?
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Do YOU know The Goonies?

That movie rocks. I know lots of people have never heard of it, but hey, Sean Astin's in it!

Question 1:Who is Mikey's brother?
He doesn't have a brother

Question 2:Who is Brad's sort-of girlfriend?
Their next-door neighbor
What?! Brad has a girlfriend?!

Question 3:Why do Mikey and Brad have to move?
Their house burned down
Their dad's in the army
Their family can't afford to live their anymore.

Question 4:How many jailbreakers were following The Goonies?
1, a man drug dealer
10, a whole band of them
3, a mom and 2 sons

Question 5:How did the family escape?
They took on the whole police force and won
One of the jailguards was in love with the mom and let them go
One son played dead while their mom waited to pick them up

Question 6:Where was the secret passage?
Under a fireplace in an old restaurant
Under the stairs in a lighthouse
Under a vent in Data's house
Above a fan in Mikey's living room

Question 7:What was the first booby trap?
Flying spears
Falling boulders
The whole ceiling was falling

Question 8:What was the first test?
They had to walk around the red stones
They had to play the right notes on a skeleton's fingers
They had to answer a riddle

Question 9:Who got them past the first test?

Question 10:Where did the filming of The Goonies take place?
Atlanta, Georgia
Los Angles, California
Astoria, Oregon
New York, New York
Anchorage, Alaska

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