Stanley Kubrick Quiz
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Stanley Kubrick Quiz

You think you know all about Stanley Kubrick films ?

Question 1:Which Stanley Kubrick movie was rated X on its release ?
A Clockwork Orange
Full Metal Jacket
Eyes Wide Shut
The Shining
Paths of Glory

Question 2:What is the name of the title music of "2001 : A Space Odyssey ?"
Also Sprach Zarathustra
The Beautiful Blue Danube
The Thieving Magpie
The Hohenfriedberger March
Handel's Sarabande

Question 3:What is Dim's weapon in "A Clockwork Orange" ?
A gun
A knife
A sword
A stick
A chain

Question 4:What is the name of the Kubrick film taking place in the 18th century ?
Redmond Barry
Barry Larson
Barry Lyndon
Paths of Glory
Barney Lyndon

Question 5:Which of these movies was not directed by Stanley Kubrick ?
The Killing
2010 : The Year We Made Contact
Dr. Strangelove

Question 6:In "Dr. Stangelove", what is the name of the secret military encoder used by the USAF ?

Question 7:What does Danny writes on the bathroom door with a lipstick in "The Shining" ?
Here's Johnny !

Question 8:Which of the following actors does not play in "Eyes Wide Shut" ?
Tom Cruise
Nicole Kidman
Russel Crowe
Lelee Sobieski
Sydney Pollack

Question 9:What is written on Joker's helmet in "Full Metal Jacket"?
Born to be wild
Born to be alive
Born to be free
Born to kill
Born to be a joker

Question 10:Which of these characters does not die in "Barry Lyndon" ?
Capt. Grogan
Sir Charles Lyndon
Barry's son
Lord Bullingdon
Barry's father

Question 11:Who plays the leading role in "2001 : A Space Odyssey"?
Malcolm McDowell
Ryan O'Neal
Jack Nicholson
Keir Dullea
Peter Sellers

Question 12:Where does the opening sequence takes place in "A Clockwork Orange" ?
In an abandoned theater
In Alex's bedroom
In an hospital
In a milkbar
In a prison

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