James Marsters, How Much Do You Really Know
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James Marsters, How Much Do You Really Know

A guy that can fake a great British accent and feed on helpless beings...COOL! Let's see if you know as much about him as me!

Question 1:   Which Buffy character has a scar on his left eyebrow?
David Boreanaz/Angel
Alexis Denisof/Wesley
James Marsters/Spike

Question 2:   What is James' favorite play by Shakespeare?
Romeo and Juliet
Much Ado About Nothing

Question 3:   What other accent did he audition with besides an English accent?
New York

Question 4:   What movie did James appear in during the first few seasons of Buffy?
Halloween 12
House on Haunted Hill
Scary Movie 1

Question 5:   How did James get the scar on his left eyebrow?
A guy jumped him and hit him with brass knuckles.....Ouch!
Um, he wasn't watching where he was going?
He ran into a street light in London

Question 6:   Where did he get his convincing English accent?
When he went to England he just kinda picked it up
He watched way to many Pierce Brosnan films!
From watching Monty Python when he was little

Question 7:   What episode did James appear in during season one of Angel?
5 by 5
In the Dark

Question 8:   When was James born?
August 20, 1963
September 20, 1964
August 21, 1964

Question 9:   What color are James' eyes?

Question 10:   What show does James want to be a part of?
Tru Calling
The X Files

Question 11:   Is James Marsters hair brown and curly in real life?
Uh, i thought it was really blonde

Question 12:   Did James short sheet the bed that Angel had to get into while E! was on set with him?
You bet!
Um, what channel is E! on?

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