Treasure Planet
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Treasure Planet

How much do you know about Disney's TREASURE PLANET? Test your knowledge here!

Question 1:   What is the name of Jim Hawkins' Mother?

Question 2:   What does B.E.N. stand for?
Bio-Electric Navigator
Bendy-Electric Nerd
Bio-Electronic Navigator

Question 3:   What is the name of the ship that Jim and Doctor Doppler go on?
HMS Victory
R.L.S. Destiny
R.L.S. Legacy

Question 4:   Who is the Captain of the Ship?
Captain Amelia
Captain Hook
Captain Amy

Question 5:   What is the name of the evil pirate who roamed the galaxy stealing treasure?
Captain Amelia
Captain Flint
Captain Seaden

Question 6:   When Scroop says to Jim "Maybe your ears don't work so well," ;how does Jim answer?
Yeah? Well, *cough* too bad my nose works just fine! * cough*
Maybe not, but at least my eyes aren't bogus!
(he says nothing)

Question 7:   What is the name of the planet where Jim lives with his mother?
Treasure planet

Question 8:   What did Billy Bones tell Jim to look out for?
the metal man
the pirate with a robot arm
the cyborg

Question 9:   What is the name of Long John Silver's pet?

Question 10:   Which Academy does Jim get in to at the end?
Interstar Academy
Intersteller Academy
Intetreasure Academy

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