Fight Club
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Fight Club

How well do you know the movie?

Question 1:   Which one of these is not a character in the movie?
These are all characters in the movie
Angel Face
Tyler Durden

Question 2:   What does the narrator("Jack") suffer from?
Social Anxiety Disorder

Question 3:   Who was the person that "Jack" said was like a scratch on the roof of your mouth?
Tyler Durden
His Boss
Carla Malone
Marla Singer

Question 4:   What was the name of Tyler's business?
He works with "Jack"
Durden Cosmetics
Hustler Magazine
Tyler Durden Inc.
Paper Street Soap Company

Question 5:   What did Tyler say self-improvement was?
His life goal
Not worth living for

Question 6:   Which historical figure did "Jack" say he wanted to beat up?
Abe Lincoln
Richard Nixon
Robert E. Lee
Roger Clemens

Question 7:   What was Jack revenge to his boss?
He beat himself up and said that his boss beat him up
He blew up his condo
He planted a bomb under his desk
He killed him
He planted a virus on all the computers

Question 8:   What's the first rule of Project Mayhem?
You don't ask questions
Don't talk about it
Cause mayhem
No shirt, no shoes
Ruin political campaigns

Question 9:   Where did Marla get the bridesmaid dress from?
Thrift store
David's Bridal
Her sister
Tyler gave it to her
It belonged to her mom

Question 10:   Who does "Jack" call first when his condo blows up?
The Cops

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