Blade Movie Quiz
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Blade Movie Quiz

How well do you know the movie Blade?

Question 1:   What is Blade's first name?
He has no first name

Question 2:   What is the name of Deacon Frost's Girlfriend?

Question 3:   What song is played during the club scene?
Playing With Lightning
Edge Of The Blade
Deadly Zone

Question 4:   Who bit Karen to start her change to a vampire?
Deacon Frost
Her co-worker

Question 5:   Who plays the role Deacon Frost?
Stephen Dorff
Wesley Snipes
Kris Kristofferson
Donal Logue
Josh Hartnett

Question 6:   How is Mercury killed?
She is cut in half
Garlic sprayed in her mouth
Her head is cut off
Blade shoots her with silver
She doesn't die

Question 7:   What god does Deacon become?
La Mantra
La Magra

Question 8:   What is the real name of the Vampire Bible?
The Book of La Magra
The Vampire Bible
The Book of Cain
The Book of Abel
The Book Of Erebus

Question 9:   How did Blade become the "Daywalker"?
His mother's stomach was bitten
His mother was a vampire who became pregnant
He was just a freak of nature
His mother was bitten while she was pregnant with him

Question 10:   What were the tattoos found on the necks of familiars really?
Symbols of the council
Letters of the vampire's name
Just cool tattoos
Symbols of the vampire

Question 11:   What 3 things kill vampires in this movie?
Wood, garlic, sunlight
Crosses, wood, sunlight
metal, sunlight, crosses
Silver, garlic, sunlight

Question 12:   How many council members did Frost need to perform the ritual to become the blood god?

Question 13:   What does Deacon say after he throws Karen in with her ex co-worker?
Blade not giving it to you, maybe
That's a shame
That was fun
What a waste!
He doesn't say anything

Question 14:   How does Blade kill Deacon Frost after he becomes La Magra?
Cuts him into pieces
Lights him on fire
Blows him to pieces with a treatment for anemia
throws him into direct sunlight
shoots him with silver bullets

Question 15:   How does Blade kill his own mother?
He cuts her head off with his sword
He doesn't kill her
He beats her to death
He blows he up with treatment for anemia
He stakes her with a human bone

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