Spy International Spy Quiz #1
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Spy International Spy Quiz #1

This quiz is to see how much you know about spying.

Question 1:   Who created the James Bond character?
Alexander Fleming
William Fleming
Ian Fleming
George Fleming

Question 2:   What branch of the US government is most associated with spying?
DHS (Department of Homeland Security)

Question 3:   A double agent is defined as:
Identical twins who spy for the same government.
An agent who is so large they count as two people.
Two agents who have exactly the same name or spy identity.
A person pretending to work as a spy for one government while actually working as a spy for another government

Question 4:   What is the preferred modern term for a spy?
International man (or woman) of mystery
Secret agent man
The man from U.N.C.L.E.
Espionage artist

Question 5:   The lamest spy movie of all time is without a doubt:
License to Kill
Mission Impossible 2
Austin Powers (any of them)
Spy Kids 3-D

Question 6:   Prior to the ubiquity of cell phones, spies had to conceal their phones in which location?
The briefcases
Their shoes
Their underwear
Their umbrellas

Question 7:   James Bond's secretary's name is
Miss Moneymaker
Miss Moneypenny
Miss Moneybags

Question 8:   Who can you tell if someone close to you is a spy?
They have a gnome in their yard
They insist upon traveling under a cover of darkness
They don't answer to their name
Their wardrobe consists of black trench coats and dark hats

Question 9:   What's the best way to determine you are being spied upon?
There's a Maytag repairman parked in front of your house
They install a street lamp in front of your house
You keep getting annoying credit card offers in the mail

Question 10:   What food would a true spy never eat?
Salmon mousse
French fries
crab puffs

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