Miracle Quiz
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Miracle Quiz

I loved this movie!

Question 1:   1 character was played by his son...who?
Jack O' Callahan- played by Steve O' Callahan
Mike Eurizione- played by Jeff Eurizione
Jimmy Craig- played by Mark Craig
Buzz Schneider- played by Billy Schneider

Question 2:   Who said this line? "Jimmy Craig...What's up ya sieve?"
Mark Johnson
Rob McClanahan
Mike Eurizione
Jack O'Callahan

Question 3:   Who said this line? "We're a family"
Jack O'Callahan
Mark Johnson
Rob McClanahan

Question 4:   What do the boys give Herb Brooks and Coach Patrick?
Herb- whistle coach-whip
they both got whips
they both got whistles
Herb- whip Coach-Whistle

Question 5:   Who said these lines? "Herb has a reason for everything he does" and "Herb, the rink manager, he want to clean the ice and go home"
Coach Patrick

Question 6:   What did they hit in the plane?
a deer
a moose
a dog
a person

Question 7:   Who is the Soviet captain?

Question 8:   Which player is correctly matched with the team he played for?
Jack O'Callahan, Boston University
Ralph Cox, RPI
Rob McClanahan, Boston University
Jimmy Craig, Harvard

Question 9:   Which player is from where-ever's not going to get him hit?
Jack O'Callahan
Rob McClanahan
Ralph Cox

Question 10:   What is the name of the kid they bring in 6 months into training?

Question 11:   Whose mother died?
Jack O'Callahan
Jimmy Craig
Rob McClanahan

Question 12:   Who said it? "They just scored 10 goals...right now it's everybody's net"
Coach Patrick
Herb Brooks
Jimmy Craig

Question 13:   Who said it? "Yeah Pass shoot score" "Pass shoot" "and score"
buzz, pav, and OC
OC, McClanahan and the coneheads
Herb Brooks, Coach Patrick and Rizzo
The coneheads

Question 14:   When they were doing the drill(AGAIN!) Who had the hot date? The line was something like "You got a hot date in about an hour but your not looking to good for that right about now are you?" Herb Brooks said it to him.

Question 15:   Which player is correctly matched to his number?
McClanahan- 10
OC- 17
Johnson- 24
Rizzo- 3

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