Valley of the dolls
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Valley of the dolls

Test your knowledge of one of the best movies of 60-s.

Question 1:   Who is director of Valley of the dolls?
Mark Robson
Phil Karlson
J. Lee Thompson

Question 2:   How many times did Neely O'Hara got married?
Three times

Question 3:   Which song does Neely sing after she quits Helen Lawson's show at the beginning?
I'll plant my own tree
Come live with me
It's impossible

Question 4:   Jacqueline Susann, on whose novel the movie was based on, appears in the film. Which role does she play?
Actress on Neely's last show.
Henry Bellamy's employee
Reporter at Jennifer's suicide

Question 5:   When Lyon Burke tells Neely she has to get into sanatorium where does she run?
San Francisco

Question 6:   Where do Neely and Tony sing "Come live with me"?
At the show where Tony meets Jennifer.
On Helen Lawson's show.
In sanatorium.

Question 7:   Why doesn't Miriam Polar want Tony to marry Jennifer?
She hates Jennifer.
She thinks marriage would ruin Tony's image.
Tony has Huntingdon's disease.

Question 8:   Theme song is sung by
Susan Hayward
Dionne Warwick
Patty Duke

Question 9:   When Lyon asks Anne to marry him at the end what does she say?
"No, not now. Perhaps some day, I don't know."
"Yes! You finally asked."
"No. It's too late."

Question 10:   Which leading actress is an Academy award winner?
Barbara Parkins
Sharon Tate
Patty Duke

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