The Shark Tale Quiz

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You may think you know, but you have no idea! Take this quiz to see how well you know (or think you know) the movie.

  • 1
    Okay we’re going to start off easy. What is the name of Lenny’s brother?
  • 2
    What does Oscar call the three little kids who graffiti on walls and stuff?
  • 3
    What animal is Luca?

  • 4
    When Luca orders a pizza (and dials the wrong number) what does he ask for?
  • 5
    Which of the following did NOT make or help make a song on the Shark Tale CD?
  • 6
    Let's get a little harder. Who talks for the news reporter fish Katie Current?

  • 7
    Which of the following quotes was NOT in the movie:
  • 8
    What does Oscar name Lenny after he (Lenny) turns into a dolphin?
  • 9
    What is the name of the song Justin Timberlake makes for the Shark Tale CD?
  • 10
    What are the names of the two jellyfish?

  • 11
    How many times did the killer whale faint throughout the whole movie?
  • 12
    When Ernie and Bernie are playing the video game at Oscar's penthouse and they loose what buttons does Bernie tell Ernie to press..
  • 13
    What do Bernie and Ernie say whenever they see a shark?
  • 14
    What is then name of the old shark at the funeral who was singing?
  • 15
    Where is the shark mafia’s hideout?

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