Across The Universe

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See how well you paid attention to the amazing movie 'Across The Universe'.

  • 1
    Most of the characters get their names from Beatles songs. Which name is not in the film?
  • 2
    When the movie opened, what Beatles song was Jude singing?
  • 3
    During the song 'All My Loving', Lucy is upset. Why?

  • 4
    When Prudence is first shown, she is sitting in the bleachers singing 'I Want To Hold Your Hand'. Who is she singing this song about?
  • 5
    Jude first met Max when he was doing what?
  • 6
    One of my favorite scenes is when Jude is singing 'I've Just Seen A Face'. Where did this song take place?

  • 7
    During 'Let It Be', there are two funerals being portrayed. One is Daniels', Lucy's boyfriend, and a boy's. Where was the boy from?
  • 8
    During 'Come Together', Jojo is walking through the city streets. What scene does he not pass by?
  • 9
    Max receives a letter to be drafted. While being inducted, he and the other draftees are shown carrying a heavy object. What is it?
  • 10
    Who comes in through a window when Jude and Max are living with Sadie?

  • 11
    When Prudence locks herself in the bathroom, a few characters sing 'Dear Prudence'. Who is not one of the characters to sing?
  • 12
    Jude was asked to design a logo of Sadie's record company. What was his first idea?
  • 13
    What celebrity sang 'Being For The Benefit of Mr. Kite'?
  • 14
    Which famous actress was seen in 'Happiness Is A Warm Gun'?
  • 15
    Why was Jude deported?

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