Resident Evil: The Movie

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Were you paying any attention to the movie, or were you just too busy staring at Mila?

Test yourself and find out.

P.S. This isn't an easy quiz. Don't just give up because you don't know the answer. Take a deep breath, think hard and you'll get it eventually ;P

  • 1
    In public, what is the Umbrella Corporation the leading supplier of?
  • 2
    At what time were the radiation badges to be collected in the Hive?
  • 3
    At the beginning of the movie, how many people are WAITING in line in front of the center elevator?

    (I stress "waiting" because I mean how many people are actually standing in line, not just walking in)

  • 4
    Which camera spots the broken vial of the T-Virus?

    (Tough question, no?)
  • 5
    (Yet another hard question!)

    What floor is the center elevator stuck on when the fire system is activated?
  • 6
    How many people are stuck on the center elevator?

  • 7
    What time does Alice wake up?
  • 8
    On which shelve of the drawer does Alice find weapons?
  • 9
    How many Umbrella Commandos storm the mansion?
  • 10
    What does the Spencer Mansion serve as?

  • 11
    How low is the lowest part of the Hive?
  • 12
    (Be relieved, this will conclude the first part of the quiz ;P)

    How many doors are there in the Red Queen Chamber? (This includes trapdoors as well)

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