Do You Know The Cars 2 Racers?

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An assortment of questions about some awesome race-cars who didn't get enough attention in Cars 2.: )

  • 1
    Where did they all come from?
  • 2
    Who was the first racer to get hit by the lemon's ray?
  • 3
    Originally, a racecar was supposed to die during a race. Who was that racer?

  • 4
    What kind of car is Carla Veloso's crew chief?
  • 5
    A racer's crew chief was named 'John Lassetire' after the movie director, John Lasseter. Which racecar has this crew chief?
  • 6
    How many female racers participated?

  • 7
    Prince Wheeliam has a grey paint job with Great Britain's flag. This was originally going to be who's paint job?
  • 8
    Raoul ÇaRoule was born in...
  • 9
    One of the vehicles was born at the base of a mountain. Which racer was that?
  • 10
    Which racer has won several 'Rookie of the Year' awards?

  • 11
    In most International versions of the movie, this racer replaced Jeff Gorvette in the Tokyo party scene and played a different character with a different paint job.
  • 12
    Hope you're observant... which racers have brown eyes?
  • 13
    This car is likely to be named after a famous steam locomotive engineer.
  • 14
    Which car converted himself from a luxury vehicle into a racecar?
  • 15
    Lewis Hamilton (the car, not the human) can go from 0-60 in how much time?
  • 16
    What do Miguel Camino's tires read?

  • 17
    Prince Wheeliam's personal favourite racer is...
  • 18
    At first, Carla Veloso was going to be named...
  • 19
    Miguel's artistic paint job was inspired by who's art?
  • 20
    Most of the racecars had no lines in the film. Which few racers did?

  • 21
    While the rest of the racer's top speeds ranged from 160 to 210, Raoul ÇaRoule's top speed is...
  • 22
    Carla Veloso doesn't just love to race, but also dance!
  • 23
    During race-car Lewis Hamilton's childhood, he won the British Karting Championship. At what age?
  • 24
    Francesco Bernoulli not only races but enjoys dancing the tarantella.
  • 25
    Lewis Hamilton took karate lessons.
  • 26
    Shu's crew chief was the only car to ever win the '24 Hours of Le Mans' in 1991.

  • 27
    Jeff Gorvette moved from his hometown, _______, to Indiana to be closer to the racing world. (Fill the blank)
  • 28
    All the racers have blue or brown eyes... apart from two cars that stand out.
  • 29
    Raoule ÇaRoule's tires read...
  • 30
    This racer is known to be calculated and naturally brilliant.

  • 31
    This racer is known to be calm and meditative.
  • 32
    The racer(s) born in capital cities (not including cars born in fictional countries).
  • 33
    What does Max's last name, 'Schnell', mean?
  • 34
    Miguel Camino is a reference to the Shevy El Camino. What does 'Camino' mean?
  • 35
    Rip Clutchgoneski comes from...
  • 36
    Two cars are actual cars in real life, while the rest of the racers were in-house designs. Which two racers are real?
  • 37
    What are all of the racer's top speeds?
  • 38
    One car learned Gymkhana at the circus. Who was that?
  • 39
    Which racers have moustaches (their grills and this includes the small slit-of-a-grills, too)?
  • 40
    Which car has his/her first name in the pits rather than his/her surname like the rest of the racers?
  • 41
    Francesco's last name, Bernoulli, is purposely the same as the last name of...
  • 42
    What does Shu Todorki's last name mean in Japanese?
  • 43
    Max got his start racing...
  • 44
    How did Nigel get his start racing?

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