The Phantom of the Opera--music quiz

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In this quiz, you will learn if you are a fan of the Phantom's music, or if you are just a wannabe obsesser.

  • 1
    "Hearing is believing, music is deceiving; hard as lightning, soft as candlelight..." Is this 'Music of the Night' lyric from the very first play, the 2nd version of the song in the play, or the movie?
  • 2
    Finish this lyric: "Far too many notes for my taste--
  • 3
    "Who was that shape in the shadows?" Christine sings when she wakes up in the Phantom's lair. Complete the lyric she sings before taking off the Phantom's mask.

  • 4
    Christine has a whole song to herself, a solo--which song is it?
  • 5
    The next five questions will ask you "Who Sang It?" Who sang this..."What you heard was a dream and nothing more"
  • 6
    "Look at your face in the mirror, I am there inside!"

  • 7
    "Angel of Music, who deserves this? Why do you curse mercy!"
  • 8
    "I only wish I knew your secret..."
  • 9
    "Wildly my mind beats against you...yet the soul obeys!"
  • 10
    " this darkness which you know you cannot fight"

  • 11
    List the songs in order from "Overture" to "All I Ask of You"
  • 12
    Are you giving up? No? 'Cause here come some of the hardest ones. I hope you are a Phantom, who is Meg's mother?
  • 13
    Who plays Christine in the movie? Who played Christine in the original production of the play?
  • 14
    Finish this lyric from the end of the movie: "You alone can make my song take flight...
  • 15
    In the play, in which song does Christine travel to the cemetery?
  • 16
    In the movie?

  • 17
    Who wrote most of the lyrics for Phantom?
  • 18
    What two songs do we hear from The Phantom's opera?
  • 19
    Which mask does the Phantom wear in the Masquerade? (movie)
  • 20
    How many TONY awards has the music from Phantom won?

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