Phantom of the Opera Test

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This test is all about lyrics.

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    Finish the lyric from Past the point of no Return. "Past all thought of:"
  • 2
    Finish the lyric from Wandering Child: "Angel or father,"
  • 3
    Finish the lyric from Wishing you were somehow here again. "No more memories:"

  • 4
    Finish the lyrics from The Mirror (Angel of Music).. "Look at your face in the mirror:"
  • 5
    Finish this lyric from The Phantom of the Opera: "In sleep he sang to me,"
  • 6
    The next couple of questions are going to be a Who Sang This question. Who sang this? "Far too many notes for my taste!" and what song is it from?

  • 7
    What song is this from and who sang it? "Yet the soul obeys!"
  • 8
    What song is this from and Who sang it? "The fruits of summer fade.."
  • 9
    The rest of this quiz will just be about the movie itself. This is a hard one. In the movie, La Carlotta's singing voice is not really Minnie Driver. (La Carlotta.) What's the name of the lady who is REALLY singing?
  • 10
    In the correct order, How old are Gerard Butler, (the Phantom) Patrick Wilson, (Raoul) and Emmy Rossum? (Christine) (2005)

  • 11
    Okay, second to last one. This one's easy! What is the name of the lady who plays Madame Giry in the movie?
  • 12
    This last one is very easy. What lifestyle did Christine choose at the very end of the movie?

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