Anything and Everything Phantom part III

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The third part of my six part quiz! The questions get more and more difficult...are you ready for it? ***Note: You don't have to have done the previous two quizzes to do this one, just be prepared for some tough questions.

  • 1
    During "Masquerade", how many gold painted men turn to watch the Phantom come down the stairs?
  • 2
    What colour top hat does Monsieur Firmin have?
  • 3
    What colour top hat does Monsieur Andre have?

  • 4
    What is the "trophy from our saviors" that Carlotta is holding at the beginning of "Hannibal"?
  • 5
    When Raoul kisses Carlotta's hand as a greeting, how many times does Carlotta state that Raoul loves her?
  • 6
    How long are Christine's earrings in "Think of Me"?

  • 7
    After Christine's rendition of "Think of Me", what does Andre shout?
  • 8
    True or False: As Meg tries to find Christine after "Think of Me", she passes by a couple making out in the hall.
  • 9
    What is the name of Christine's father?
  • 10
    When Meg finds Christine at the beginning of "Angel of Music", how many candles are lit in the chapel?

  • 11
    Which of Christine's hands does Meg grab to lead her out of the chapel?
  • 12
    How long is Meg's dress in "Angel of Music"?
  • 13
    How many times does the Phantom give his "special" rose to Christine during the movie? (the one with the black ribbon)
  • 14
    How many candles are lit at Christine's vanity during "Little Lotte"?
  • 15
    What shape are the mirrors at Christine's vanity?

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