Anything and Everything Phantom part IV

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Part four of my six part quiz! The questions get you dare give it a try? ;D ***Note: If you haven't already done the other parts of the quiz, that's fine, it's not necessary.

  • 1
    When Raoul leaves after "Little Lotte" to give Christine time to change, and we see a hand lock Christine's door, Madame Giry is standing in the hall. There is a sign beside her with an arrow pointing. What does the sign say?
  • 2
    During "The Phantom of the Opera", while the Phantom is leading Christine down the hallway beyond the mirror, there are candlesticks lighting the way. How many candles are in each holder?
  • 3
    When we first see him, during "The Phantom of the Opera", the Phantom wears a black cape. But what colour is the lining inside?

  • 4
    Part way through the first verse of "The Phantom of the Opera" that the Phantom sings (the second verse of the song), a horse waits at the bottom of a flight of stairs. What colour is said horse?
  • 5
    During the Phantom's verse of "The Phantom of the Opera", at the beginning of which line is Christine sitting on the horse?
  • 6
    After the Phantom's verse is over, it's the verse the two of them sing together. At which line are they in the little boat?

  • 7
    How many lights are at the front of the boat Christine and the Phantom are in by the end of "The Phantom of the Opera"?
  • 8
    At which line of "The Music of the Night" does Christine stand up in the boat?
  • 9
    During "The Music of the Night", as the Phantom sings, "Floating, falling, sweet intoxication/Touch me, trust me, savor each sensation", he holds Christine to his body. Which side of his face does she touch at "touch me" and which of his shoulders is she leaning her head on?
  • 10
    In what shape is the frame of the bed in the Phantom's lair?

  • 11
    True or False: When Meg looks for Christine after "The Music of the Night", she's still in her costume from "Think of Me".
  • 12
    Why does Madame Giry always tell people to keep their hand at the level of their eyes when talking about the Phantom? (it took me forever to figure this out...)
  • 13
    As Christine is singing "I Remember" when she wakes up the next morning, at what point in her song does the Phantom look up from his piano?
  • 14
    When Christine takes off the Phantom's mask the first time (in his lair) and he gets mad at her, how many things does he knock over (NOT including Christine)?
  • 15
    During "Notes", as Raoul comes up to Andre and Firmin, accusing them of writing the note he was given, the words "Of course not" are sung twice by Andre and/or Firmin. Which of them says it which time?

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