The Best Pirates of the Caribbean Quiz Ever
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The Best Pirates of the Caribbean Quiz Ever

See if you know this movie as well as I do. I'll give you a hint.....I've seen it 8 times and can quote it exactly. Good Luck.

Question 1:   Who clarifies what "a short drop and a sudden stop" means by a hand motion?
Governor Swan
Commodore Norrington
Mr. Gibbs

Question 2:   What does the sign hanging next to the three dangling pirate skeletons say?
Pirates be ye warned
Pirates watch out
Pirates out ye watch
Pirates ye be warned

Question 3:   Which of these is not part of Jack's "hairstyle"?
an old coin

Question 4:   How long does Will Turner practice with his sword each day?
1 hour
20 minutes
5 hours
3 hours

Question 5:   What is the name of the boat that Jack and Will "commandeer"?
Black Pearl
British Pride

Question 6:   Which woman slaps Jack twice in Tortuga?
Anna Maria

Question 7:   What is Captain Barbosa's response when Elizabeth stabs him with a knife?
"That's interesting."
"You forget, I'm immortal."
"Now what are you going to do? You've only got a knife and I can't die."
"I'm curious, after killing me what were you planning on doing?"

Question 8:   How high is the signal that Elizabeth sends off using the rum in the fire?
over 1000 feet
over 500 feet
about 2000 feet
1 mile

Question 9:   What does Jack tell Mr. Gibbs when he hands him back his flask?
"Don't you ever drink any bloody rum?"
"It's bloody empty."
"You're a bloody pirate, quit with the water!"
"All your's mate."

Question 10:   What is the very last line of the movie?
"And really bad eggs!"
"Will.......nice hat."
"Drink up me hearties, yo ho!"
"No, he's a pirate."

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